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Separate & Redistribute: How global geopolitics can solve environmental and climate issues

Separate & Redistribute: How global geopolitics can solve environmental and climate issues
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Climate and environmental decisions find only limited solutions in the state environment of each country and therefore are never implementable for cross-border geopolitics. Every country still addresses environmental issues in their own best interests. It is imperative, that all 196 states come together to form a geopolitical strong global community.Once we start viewing common-pool resources as a genetic makeup of shared continents, we are also able to understand that citizens and governments are just as globally responsible for environmental and climate issues. It will be the task of a redefined World Council, to separate natural cross-border resources from national ownership of each nation and redistribute them to all continents. This new World Climate Council (WCC) will be able to make national (state) decisions, identify international solutions, and declare them legally binding for all nations. A well-known Swiss politician, whose name does not want to be mentioned, sent me the following email response to my request: 'Your idea of a World Climate Council would be difficult to implement. But I share your view; time is of the essence' ... (quote)The book and website contain a letter model for all people. I call for the leaders in politics and business in all nations of the world to lead their citizens in a strong and economical manner. The impending climate catastrophe must be averted.As a reader you can participate in this project. You can either use my letter model or write your own text with a similar concern. Send the letter to your most important caregivers all over the world and you become part of the climate movement. I personally am starting todayChristoph J. Rohland, March 2020


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