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Switzerland and Migration: Historical and Current Perspectives on a Changing Landscape

Switzerland and Migration: Historical and Current Perspectives on a Changing Landscape
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Changing Perspectives on Migration History and Research in Switzerland: An Introduction; Barbara Lüthi and Damir Skenderovic.- Part I: Epistemic Landscapes: Constructing and Deconstructing Categories.- The 'Sociologic' of Immigration. A Case Study on the Emergence of Social Research on Migration and Integration in Switzerland, 1960-1973; Kijan Espahangizi.- Labelling Migrants in Switzerland: Social, Political and Symbolic Dimensions; Francesca Poglia Mileti.- Democratising Switzerland: Challenging Whiteness in Public Space; Patricia Purtschert.- Part II: Migration Regimes: Enforcement and Consolidation.- Deportations of 'Vagabonds' and 'Romanichas' in Geneva and Haute-Savoie (1900-1914): Connecting Categories of Exclusion; Irma Gadient.- Migration in Swiss Broadcasting (1960s-1970s): Players, Policies, Representations; Nelly Valsangiacomo.- Culturalisation of Gender: When Ivan Meets Maria; Francesco Garufo and Christelle Maire.- The Vitality of Borders: Migration Through and Bordering Practices in Switzerland; Jana Häberlein.- Part III: Migrants' Participation and Resistance.- Migrant Associations: Political Opportunities and Structural Ambivalences. The Case of the Federation of Free Italian Colonies in Switzerland; Toni Ricciardi and Sandro Cattacin.- The Rights of Those Who Have No Rights. Italian Parent Committees in Local Educational Politics in Zurich (1960-1980); Philipp Eigenmann.- Social Assistance and Self-Organised Interest Groups. The Counselling Centre for Foreign Workers and Italian Educational Institutions in Basle-City (1960s-1980s); Flavia Grossmann.- Part IV: Transnational Entanglements and Exchanges .- Traces of Migration: Postcards Between Switzerland and Brazil, 1900-1930; Stefan Wellgraf.- Switzerland, Decolonisation, and Migration: The Case of the Association of Swiss Despoiled of Algeria or Overseas Possessions; Marisa Fois.- 'Swissness Overseas': Whiteness and the Boundaries of Belonging; Angela Sanders.-Re-negotiating Switzerland from Abroad. An Ethnographic Perspective on Citizenship-Belonging Nexuses; Seraina Müller and Aldina Camenisch.- Epilogue; Donna Gabaccia.


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Autor: Barbara Lüthi, Damir Skenderovic


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