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Knowledge and the Indian Ocean: Intangible Networks of Western India and Beyond

Knowledge and the Indian Ocean: Intangible Networks of Western India and Beyond
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1. Introduction.- I. Knowledge, Science and Techniques.- 2. Places We Can Go: Some notes on sea/knowledge.- 3. Knowing the Sea: Thalassographies to Thalassology of the Indian Ocean (up to c. 1500 CE).- 4. A Chinese Muse in the Caliph's Court - The Influence of Chinese Ceramic Technology across the Indian Ocean (8th to 14th Century CE).- 5. Ava: A Living Tradition of Reverence for Water among the Zoroastrians.- 6. Scholars in Gujarat's Bazaars-Revisiting L'académie ambulante ("The Roving Academy").- 7. Gujarat Ornamental Furniture: Artisans, Techniques, Skills and Global Markets during the Nineteenth Century.- 8. 'Without a Counterpart on the Globe": Geographical Knowledge and the Mapping of "Kutch" in the Nineteenth Century.- II. Skill, Migration and Identities.- 9. Gujarat Sufis, "Sants" and the Indian Ocean World in Medieval Times.- 10. Doing Well but also Doing Good? East African Indian Merchants and Their Charitable Work, c. 1850-1920.- 11. Narratives of Transcendental Decision-Making: Seeking Health and Healing at Sufi Shrines in Gujarat.- 12. Voices of the Sidis: The Tradition of the Fakirs.- 13. Linguistic and Cultural Contributions of Gujarat in Eastern Africa.- 14. The Transnational Life and Political Philosophy of Shyamji Krishnavarma.


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