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The Palgrave Handbook of Artistic and Cultural Responses to War since 1914: The British Isles, the U

The Palgrave Handbook of Artistic and Cultural Responses to War since 1914: The British Isles, the U
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Chapter 1: Introduction - Artistic and Cultural Responses to War; Martin Kerby, Margaret Baguley and Janet McDonald.- Part One: Loss, Grief and Resilience.- Chapter 2: No Agency: Iraq and Afghanistan at War. The Perspective of Commissioned War Artists; Charles Green and Lyndell Brown.- Chapter 3: Megan Leavey and the Popular Visual Culture of the War-on-Terror; Paul Duncum.- Chapter 4: Tommy Talk: War Hospital Magazines and the Literature of Resilience and Healing; Alice Brumby.- Chapter 5: Wirral and The Great War; Stephen Roberts.- Chapter 6: Touring the battlefields of the Somme with the Michelin and Somme Tourisme guidebooks; Caroline Winter.- Chapter 7: Pro patria mori - A Memorial in Music; Phillip Gearing.- Chapter 8: The Stamps-Baxter GI School of Music; Jeanette Fresne.- Chapter 9: Witnesses to Death - Soldiers on the Western Front; Natasha Silk.- Chapter 10: The Soldier as Artist - Memories of War; Michael Armstrong.- Chapter 11: Icons of Horror: Three enduring images from the Vietnam War; John M. Harris.- Part Two: Identity.- Chapter 12: The Weather in our Souls: Curating a national collection of Second World War art at the Imperial War Museum (IWM); Claire Brenard.- Chapter 13: Write propaganda, shut up or fight: Philip Gibbs and the Western Front; Martin Kerby, Margaret Baguley and Abbey MacDonald.- Chapter 14: A War on Two Fronts: British Morale, Cinema and Total War 1914-1958; Gerard Oram.- Chapter 15: (Re)writing World War Two: United States, Russian and German national history textbooks in the immediate aftermath of 1989; Susan Santoli.- Chapter 16: They Wandered Far and Wide: The Scottish Soldier in the A.I.F.; Chapter 17: Scottish War Resisters and Conscientious Objectors 1914-1919; William Kenefick.- Chapter 18: Australian not by blood, but by character: Soldiers and Refugees in Australian Children's Picturebooks;  Martin Kerby, Margaret Baguley, Nathan Lowien and Kay Ayre.- Section 3: Commemoration.- Chapter 19: War began in nineteen sixty-three: Poetic responses to the 50th anniversary; Martin Malone.- Chapter 20: "Heroes and their Consequences:" 9/11, The War on Terror, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Inga Meier.- Chapter 21: 'Re-membering' the past; eye-witness and post-battle artistic accounts of the Falklands War; Paul Gough.- Chapter 22: The Imagined Memorial Gallery: Britain's aspiration to commemorate the Great War through art; Alexandra Walton.- Chapter 23: Rectifying an Old Injustice: The Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C.; Christine Knauer.- Chapter 24: Lest They Forget: Exploring Commemoration and Rembrance through Games and Digital Technologies; Iain Donald.-  Chapter 25 : Combat Cinematography: Interpreting the cinematographic form of combat realism; Daniel Maddock.- Chapter 26: Conflict and Compromise: Australia's Official War Artists and the "War on Terror"; Kit Messham-Muir.- Chapter 27: Angels, Tanks and Minerva: Reading the memorials to the Great War in Welsh chapels;  Gethin Matthews.-  Chapter 28: 'The nest kept warm': Heaney and the Irish soldier-poets; Martin Malone.- Chapter 29: The Theatre of War: Rememoration and the Horse; Janet McDonald.-Chapter 30: Australian War Memorials: A nation re-imagined; Martin Kerby, Malcom Bywaters and Margaret Baguley.- Chapter 31: Conclusion; Martin Kerby, Margaret Baguley and Janet McDonald.- Index.                  


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