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British and French Colonialism in Africa, Asia and the Middle East: Connected Empires across the Eig

British and French Colonialism in Africa, Asia and the Middle East: Connected Empires across the Eig
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Chapter 1. Introduction. Britain and France, Connected Empires.- Part I: Empire in Africa.- Chapter 2. "From Slaves to Gum: Colonial Trade and French-British Rivalry in Eighteenth-Century Senegambia." Cheikh Sène.- Chapter 3. "'Our Anglo-Saxon Colleagues:' The Constraining Embrace of British Northern Nigeria." Barbara Cooper.- Part II: Empire and Islam.- Chapter 4. "Anglo-French Connections and Cooperation against 'Islamic' Resistance, 1914-1917" John Slight.- Chapter 5. "Sacred Surveillance: Indian Muslims, Syrian Waqf, and the Evolution of State Surveillance in Syria under the French Mandate." James Casey.- Part III: Empire at Sea.- Chapter 6. "A Shared Sea: The Axes of French and British Imperialism in the Mediterranean, 1798-1914".- Chapter 7. "A Second 'Fashoda?': Britain, India and a French 'Threat' in Oman at the End of the Nineteenth Century" Guillemette Crouzet.- Chapter 8. "Imperial Interdependence on Indochina's Maritime Periphery: France and Coal in Ceylon, Singapore and Hong Kong, 1859-1895" James R. Fichter.- Chapter 9. "French Kwang-Chow-Wan and British Hong Kong: Politics and Shipping, 1890s-1920s" Bert Becker.- Part IV: Empire and Administration.- Chapter 10. "Sharing Colonial Sovereignty? The Anglo-French Experience of the New Hebrides Condominium, 1880s-1930s" Hélène Blais.- Chapter 11. "British and French Colonial Statistics: Development by Hybridization from the Eighteenth to the mid-20 th Centuries"Béatrice Touchelay.- Part V: Imperial Ends.- Chapter 12. "Britain and Free France in Africa, 1940-1943".- Chapter 13. "The End of Empires and Some Linguistic Turns: British and French Language Policies in Inter- and Post-War Africa" Diana Lemberg.


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