Birth of the Backyard Business: The Impact of Technology on Creative Industries

Birth of the Backyard Business: The Impact of Technology on Creative Industries
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Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject Design (Industry, Graphics, Fashion), grade: 1.9, Central Queensland University, course: Creative Industries, language: English, abstract: Technology is evolving faster than we can shake an iPod at, and like a frenetic silhouette on a primary-coloured backdrop it is difficult to see the entire picture - you are only left with a gist of what on earth is actually going on, a feeling that you want to jump up and be a part of it. Even though it helps to analyse the progress of technology in the creative fields historically, it still remains implausible to predict exactly where it will take us even in the near future. The film, television and music industries are an interesting source to start with where we may begin to understand some of the ways technology is not only enhancing the ability to create more, but also the way it affects the way business is performed.


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