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The Power of Play in Higher Education: Creativity in Tertiary Learning

The Power of Play in Higher Education: Creativity in Tertiary Learning
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Chapter 1. Making a case for the playful university; Alison James.- PART I. Trainers and Developers.- Chapter 2. Exploration: Becoming playful: the power of a ludic module; Sandra Sinfield, Tom Burns, Sandra Abegglen.- Chapter 3. Exploration: ESCAPE! Puzzling out learning theories through play; Jennie Mills and Emma King.- Chapter 4. Exploration: "I learned to play again" The integration of active play as a learning experience for Sports Coaching Undergraduates; Richard Cheetham.- Chapter 5. Sketch: The Training Game; Scott Roberts.- Chapter 6. Exploration: Play in Practice - innovation through play in the postgraduate curriculum; Sophy Smith.- Chapter 7. Exploration: Experiences of running a 'Play and Creativity' module in a School of Art and Design; Gareth Loudon.- PART II. Wanderers and Wonderers.- Chapter 8. The Dark Would, higher education, play, and playfulness.- Chapter 9. Exploration: Playing with Place: responding to invitations; Helen Clarke and Sharon Witt.- Chapter 10. Exploration: Cabinets of Curiosities: Playing with artefacts in professional teacher education; Sarah Williamson.- Chapter 11. Sketch: playful pedagogies: collaborations between undergraduates and school pupils in the outdoor learning centre and the pop up 'playscape'; Chantelle Haughton and Sian Sarwar.- Chapter 12. Sketch: Teaching and Learning inside the Culture Shoe Box; Hoda Wassif and Maged Zakher.- PART III. Experimenters and Engagers.- Chapter 13. Exploration: Dopamine and the Hard Work of Learning Science; Lindsay Wheeler and Michael Palmer.- Chapter 14. Exploration: Play in Engineering Education; Bruce D. Kothmann.- Chapter 15. Sketch: Experiencing the necessity of Project Management through the egg-dropping challenge; Tobias Seidl.- Chapter 16. Exploration: Public engagement activities for chemistry students; Dudley Shallcross and Tim Harrison.- Chapter 17. Sketch: Playful Maths; Chris Budd.- Chapter 18. Sketch: Connecting people and places using worms and waste; Sharon Boyd and Andrea Roe.- Chapter 19. Sketch: Maths, Meccano and Motivation; Judith McCullouch.- Chapter 20. Exploration: Playful Urban Learning Space - An Interdisciplinary Collaboration; Clive Holtham and Tine Bech.- Chapter 21. Sketch: Novelty shakes things up in the history classroom; Carey Fleiner.- PART IV. Wordsmiths and Communicators.- Chapter 22. Exploration: Don't Write on Walls! Playing with cityscapes in a foreign language course; Melanie Peron.- Chapter 23. Sketch: Poetry as Play: Using Riskless Poetry Writing to Support Instruction; Ann-Marie Klein.- Chapter 24. Sketch: On word play in support of academic development; Daphne Loads.- Chapter 25. Sketch: The Communications Factory; Suzanne Rankin-Dia and Rob Lakin.- Chapter 26. Sketch: Playful Writing with Writing PAD; Julia Reeve and Kaye Towlson.- PART V. Builders and Simulators.- Chapter 27. Exploration: Wigs, brown source and theatrical dames: clinical simulation as play; Caroline Pelletier and Roger Kneebone.- Chapter 29. Exploration: Building the abstract: metaphorical Play-Doh modelling in Health Sciences; Rachel Stead.- Chapter 30. Sketch: Our learning journey with LEGO; Alison James and Chrissi Nerantzi.- Chapter 31. Using LEGO to explore 'professional love' as an element of Youth Work practice: opportunities and obstacles; Martin Purcell.- Chapter 32. Sketch: Creating LEGO Representations of Theory; Nicola Simmons.- PART VI. Gamers and Puzzlers.- Chapter 33. Exploration: A dancer and a writer walk into a classroom; Seth Hudson and Boris Willis.- Chapter 34. Exploration: From the Players Point of View; Maxwell Hartt and Hadi Hosseini.- Chapter 35. Exploration: Wardopoly: Game-based Experiential Learning in Nurse Leadership Education; Bernadette Henderson, Andrew Clements, Melanie Webb and Alexander Kofinas.- Chapter 36. Exploration: Using Play to Design Play: Gamification and Student involvement in the production of Games-Based Learning resources for Research Methods Teaching; Natalie Gerodetti and Darren N


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