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Resisting Neoliberalism in Higher Education Volume II: Prising Open the Cracks

Resisting Neoliberalism in Higher Education Volume II: Prising Open the Cracks
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Chapter 1. Prising Open the Cracks in Neoliberal Universities; Catherine Manathunga and Dorothy Bottrell PART I. Seeing in the Cracks Chapter 2. The New Culture Wars in Australian University Workplaces; Paul Adams Chapter 3. Weighing Up Futures: Experiences of Giving Up an Academic Career; Ruth Barcan Chapter 4. Resisting the Norming of the Neoliberal Academic Subject: Building Resistance Across Faculty Ranks; Joseph Schwartz Chapter 5. Creating a Positive Casual Academic Identity Through Change and Loss; Joanne Yoo PART II. Decolonising the Academy Chapter 6. On (Not) Losing My Religion: Interrogating Gendered Forms of White Virtue in Pre-possessed Countries; Fiona Nicoll Chapter 7. Academic Collaboration in Pursuit of Decolonisation: The Story of the Aboriginal History Archive; Edwina Howell PART III. Prising Open the Cracks Chapter 8. Assessment Policy and "Pockets of Freedom" in a Neoliberal University: A Foucauldian Perspective; Rille Raaper Chapter 9. Professional Doctorates as Spaces of Collegiality and Resistance: A Cross-Sectoral Exploration of the Cracks in Neoliberal Institutions; Catherine Manathunga, Peter Shay, Rosemarie Garner, Preetha Kolakkot Jayaram, Paul Barber, Bhatti Thi Kim Oanh, Sunny Gavran, Loretta Konjarski, and Ingrid D'Souza Chapter 10. Interrogating the "Idea of the University" Through the Pleasures of Reading Together; Tai Peseta, Jeanette Fyffe, and Fiona Salisbury Chapter 11. Neoliberalism in Thai and Indonesian Universities: Using Photo-Elicitation Methods to Picture Space for Possibility; James Burford and Teguh Wijaya Mulya Chapter 12. Making Visible Collegiality of a Different Kind; Mark Selkrig, Ron "Kim" Keamy, Kirsten Sadler, and Catherine Manathunga Chapter 13. Seeking an Institution-Decentring Politics to Regain Purpose for Australian University Futures; Marie Brennan and Lew Zipin Chapter 14. Prising Open the Cracks Through Polyvalent Lines of Inquiry; Catherine Manathunga and Dorothy Bottrell


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