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Contemporary Research in Adult and Lifelong Learning of Mathematics: International Perspectives

Contemporary Research in Adult and Lifelong Learning of Mathematics: International Perspectives
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Part I Adult Numeracy

Chapter 1: Defining adult & numeracy an academic and political investigation / David Kaye

Chapter 2: Mathematics education and adult learners in Ireland / John O'Donoghue

Chapter 3: Thinking about relations between adults learning mathematics and reality / Juergen Maasz

Chapter 4: Scoping the development of a measure of adults' numeracy (and literacy) practices /

Diana Coben and Anne Alkema

Part II

Chapter 5: Adults' conception of multiplicationInvestigating changes along studies / Andrea Maffia, Maria Alessandra Mariotti

Chapter 6: Toward mathematics education for adults in Korea / Eun Young Cho and Rae Young Kim

Chapter 7: Mathematical explorations in the adult classroom / R. Ramanujam

Chapter 8: Parents' training in mathematics: a societal awareness study / Zekiye Morkoyunlu, Alper Cihan Konyalioglu, and Solmaz Damla Gedik

Part III

Chapter 9: Mathematics in youth and adult education: a practice under construction / Neomar Lacerda da Silva and Maria Elizabete Souza Couto

Chapter 10: "I've never cooked with my maths teacher": Moving beyond perceived dualities in mathematical belief research by focusing on adult education / Sonja Beeli-Zimmermann

Chapter 11: Maths eyes - a concept with potential to support adult lifelong mathematics eucation / Terry Maguire and Aoife M. Smith

Chapter 12: Danish approaches for adults learning mathematics as means for labour market and/or for bildung? / Lena Lindenskov

Part IV

Chapter 13: A tale of two journeys / Barbara Miller-Reilly and Charles O'Brien

Chapter 14: Lifelong Mathematics Learning for Adult Learners and Open Educational Resources / Pradeep Kumar Misra

Chapter 15: Learning from Research, Advancing the Field / Professor Dr. Katherine Safford-Ramus

Conclusions and Looking Ahead / Juergen Maasz


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