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Creativity Policy, Partnerships and Practice in Education

Creativity Policy, Partnerships and Practice in Education
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Chapter 1. Evolving ecologies: Creative policy, partnerships and practice in education; Anne Harris, Pat Thomson and Kim Snepvangers. SECTION I. POLICY. Chapter 2. What did Creative Partnerships achieve? A review of the Creative Partnerships (CP) research archive; Patricia Thomson, Rebecca Coles and Maddy Hallewell. Chapter 3. Transforming creative classroom contradictions through activity theory analysis; Victoria Kinsella. Chapter 4. Creative Agency / creative ecologies; Anne M. Harris. Chapter 5. Value-adding in higher education: Complementary contexts for learning creativities; Jonathan Purdy, Vinesh Chandra and Kelli McGraw. SECTION II. PARTNERSHIPS. Chapter 6. Creative partnerships: Exploring encounters in the contact zone; Donna Mathewson Mitchell. Chapter 7. Creative industry encounters: Digital ecologies in art, design and media; Kim Snepvangers. Chapter 8. Organisational change for creativity in education; Leon de Bruin. Chapter 9. Creative ecologies in education: teaching relationships within sustained school-based artist-in-residence projects; Christine Hatton and Mary Mooney. SECTION III. PRACTICE. Chapter 10. The antecedents and outcomes of creative cognition; Sarah Asquith, Xu Wang and Anna Abraham. Chapter 11. Assessing Creativity: Four Critical Issues; Rachel Jacobs. Chapter 12. Tearing it down: Using problematisation to encourage artistic creativity; Shelley Hannigan and Katherine Barrand. Chapter 13. From Wise Humanising Creativity to (posthumanising) creativity; Kerry Chappell. Chapter 14. An ecology of care: Relationships and responsibility through the constitutive and creative acts of oral history theatre making in local communities shouldering global crises; Kathleen Gallagher, Nancy Cardwell and Dirk Rodricks. Chapter 15. Flexibility, constraints and creativity - cultivating creativity in teacher education; Susan Davis. Chapter 16. Propositions for policy, partnership and practice in educational creative futures; Kim Snepvangers, Anne Harris and Pat Thomson.


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