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Cartographies of Race and Social Difference

Cartographies of Race and Social Difference
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Cartographies of Race and Social Difference: An Introduction, George J. Sefa Dei and Shukri Hilowle.- Chapter 1: The Trump Effect: Debunking the False Narrative of "Post-Racial" America, Shukri Hilowle.- Chapter 2: Renounce or Perish, Elisha Lim.- Chapter 3: Exploring the model minority: Deconstructing Whiteness through the Asian Canadian Example, Elisabeth Dennis.- Chapter 4: BORN TO WORK: An in-depth inquiry on the commodification of Indian labour and current discourses of migrant labour under the kafala system, Shirleen Datt.- Chapter 5: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Yellow: Whiteness and its Legacy on Japan's Self-Image and Attitudes Toward the West, Claude Deschamps.- Chapter 6: Exporting Racism: Western Interventions and the Making of the Pashtun Cultural 'Others', Lailooma M Wardak.- Chapter 7: Disempowered, Disenfranchised and Disengaged: Balochistan in Focus, Mashail Imran.- Chapter 8: The Term & Discourse of "Hispanic" is Racist: Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous Resistance in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Andrea Vasquez Jimenez .- Chapter 9: Racialization of Gender, Work and the Visible Minority Women at Workplace: With a Particular Focus on African Black Women in Canada, Thoko Ngwenya.- Chapter 10: Reflections on Race, Whiteness and Multiculturalism, Marycarmen Lara-Villanueva.- Chapter 11: Re-Imaging Africanized Bodies in Eurocentric Spaces, John P Castillo.


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Sprachen: Englisch
Autor: George J. Sefa Dei, Shukri Hilowle


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