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The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy

The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy
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1 Introduction: Philosophers and Public Policy

Part I Crime, Punishment, and the Law

2 Pretrial Detention and Moral Agency

3 Why Brain Images (Probably) Should Not Be Used in US Criminal Trials

4 A Defense of Jury Nullification

5 Mandatory Minimums and the War on Drugs

6 Criminal Punishment and Free Will

7 The Promise of Neuroscience for Law: Hope or Hype?

8 Feminism, Violence, and the State

Part II War, Terrorism, and National Sovereignty

9 Military Psychological Operations: Ethics and Policy Considerations

10 Against Interrogational Torture: Upholding a Troubled Taboo

11 The Use of Lethal Drones in the War on Terror

12 The Myth of Senseless Violence and the Problem of Terrorism

13 A Defense of Open Borders

14 Immigration Enforcement and Fairness to Would-Be Immigrants

15 Toward a Nonideal Approach to Immigration Justice

Part III Political Participation, Manipulation, and Standing

16 An Ethical Assessment of Actual Voter Behavior

17 Should Children Have the Right to Vote?

18 Norms, Nudges, and Autonomy

19 Nudges and Other Moral Technologies in the Context of Power: Assigning and Accepting Responsibility

20 Public Policy and the Administrative Evil of Special Education

21 Manufacturing Monsters: Dehumanization and Public Policy

22 Is Religion Special? More Likely Than Not!

23 Animals and Political Standing

Part IV Freedom of Speech and Expression

24 The Liberty of Thought and Discussion: Restatement and Implications

25 Free Speech and Discrimination in the Cake Wars

26 Whose Public? The Stakes of Citizens United

27 The Ethics of Racist Monuments

28 Free to Inquire: The Evolution-Creationism Controversy as a Test Case in Equal Time and Free Speech

29 Pedophilia and Computer-Generated Child Pornography

30 Does the ADA Discriminate Against Deaf People?

Part V Justice and Inequality

31 Principles of Distributive Justice

32 When Equality Matters

33 Feminism, Gender Inequality, and Public Policy

34 Understanding Effective Altruism and Its Challenges

35 Economic Rent, Rent-Seeking Behavior, and the Case of Privatized Incarceration

36 Accounting for Intrinsic Values in the Federal Student Loan System

37 Borrowed Knowledge: Pedagogy and Student Debt in the Neoliberal University

Part VI Bioethics and Biotechnology

38 Challenging the Therapy/Enhancement Distinction in CRISPR Gene Editing

39 CRISPR and the Ethics of Gene Drive in Mosquitoes

40 Enhancement and Cheating: Implications for Policy in Sport

41 Sexual Orientation Minority Rights and High-Tech Conversion Therapy

42 Why Policymaking Should Not Be Based on Evolutionary Accounts of Human Behavior

43 Exploitation and International Clinical Research: The Disconnect Between Goals and Policy

44 Mandating Data Exclusivity for Pharmaceuticals Through International Agreements: A Fair Idea?

45 Big Data: Ethical Considerations

46 Professionalism and the Ethics of Conscientious Objection Accommodation in Medicine

47 American Pragmatism, Disability, and the Politics of Resilience in Mental Health Education

Part VII Beginning and End of Life Issues

48 Human Cloning: Stereotypes, Public Policy, and the Law

49 The Metaphysics of Surrogacy

50 Legislating Pain Capability: Sentience and the Abortion Debate

51 Welcoming the Unborn: Toward a Politics of Inclusion

52 Palliation and Medically Assisted Dying: A Case Study in the Use of Slippery Slope Arguments in Public Policy

53 "I Support the Right to Die. You Go First": Bias and Physician-Assisted Suicide

54 Organ Procurement: The Ethical Obligation to Release Organs

Part VIII Environmental Ethics and Environmental Problems

55 Women, Land and Eco-Justice

56 A Rights-Based Conception of the Precautionary Principle

57 Roles for Socially Engaged Philosophy of Science in Environmental Policy

58 The Acceleration of Global Warming as Crime Against Humanity: A Mora


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