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Eva Picardi on Language, Analysis and History

Eva Picardi on Language, Analysis and History
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1. Introduction; Annalisa Coliva, Paolo Leonardi and Sebastiano Moruzzi.- Section I: Themes from Frege.- 2 Early analytic philosophy's Austrian dimension; Kevin Mulligan.- 3. Truth, Ascriptions of Truth, and Grounds of Truth Ascriptions; Wolfgang Kuenne.- 4. On Frege's truth; Paolo Leonardi.- 5. Was Frege a logicist?.- Marco Panza.- 6. Logic as science; Robert May.- 7. Thin reference, metaontological minimalism and abstraction principles. The prospects for tolerant reductionism; Andrea Sereni.- 8. A context principle for the 21st century; Fabrizio Cariani.- 9. Slurs and tone; Ernie Lepore & Mathew Stone.- 10. Refusing to endorse: a must explanation for pejoratives; Carlo Penco.- 11. Fregean presentationalism; Elisabetta Sacchi.- Section II: Themes from Davidson.- 12. Agency without rationality; Lisa Bortolotti.- 13. Reasons and causes in psychiatry: Ideas from Donald Davidson's work; Elisabetta Lalumera.- 14. The doxastic zoo; Pascal Engel.- Section III: Language, contextualism and naturalism.- 15. Naturalizing Picardi; Diego Marconi.- 16. Practical knowledge and linguistic competence; Annalisa Coliva.- 17. A Plague on All Your Houses: Some Reflections on the Variable Behaviour of "Knows"; Crispin Wright.- 18. Truth relativism and Evans' challenge; Sebastiano Moruzzi.- 19. Knowing the Facts: a Contrastivist Account of the Referential Opacity of Knowledge Attributions; Giorgio Volpe.- Index.


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Sprachen: Englisch
Autor: Annalisa Coliva, Paolo Leonardi, Sebastiano Moruzzi


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