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Poetic Parloir Post- and Transhumanism: When man 'lego' the building blocks of life - what of its es

Poetic Parloir Post- and Transhumanism: When man 'lego' the building blocks of life - what of its es
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The subject of post- and transhumanism is a pending area of interest that demands reflection, as the coming biotech era inevitably will change human life.The essay trilogy offers a vivid and comprehensible insight into the discourse through the different cultural angles of literature, art, film, philosophy, religion and science, enlightening newcomers as well as those already familiar with the topic.Poetic Parloir is dedicated to - and thus suitable for - the reader who wants to be well versed in the pivotal questions of contemporary life. The taken view is philosophical; the context is literature, art, film, philosophy, religion and science; and the intention is the impartial presentation that captures the complexity of post- and transhumanism.At a first glance, post- and transhumanism has a futuristic aura, hence, if one were to speak of such an era it would be a future one or merely a fictive sci-fi scenario. However, this is not the case and critics argue that we already live in a post- and transhumanistic age. A conviction Poetic Parloir endorses, or at least the view that the biotech revolution will prevail, and certainly the view that it will have a great impact on human existence and mankind, changing our understanding of what it means to be a human and to live a human life. The situation calls for moral attention, as the new biotechniques evolve at a far higher pace than ethics can keep up with.New times are descending, some say the promised land, the Millennial Kingdom from the Book of Revelation. I say, it is a rabbit hole and we are invited whether we like or not, with Alice, either into the wonderland of utopia or the gloomy wasteland of dystopia.Dear reader, I hereby give you Poetic Parloir [part II] on the topic of post- and transhumanism. Yours to read, yours to roam - yours to revel in.


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