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Handbook of Pain and Palliative Care: Biopsychosocial and Environmental Approaches for the Life Cou

Handbook of Pain and Palliative Care: Biopsychosocial and Environmental Approaches for the Life Cou
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Biopsychosocial approaches to understanding chronic pain and disability.- Communication and Pain .- Pain and intercultural communication.- Truth telling and palliative care.- Communiatona nd palliative care: e-health interventions and pain management.- Educating patients and caregivers about pain management: what clinicians need to know.- Assessment of Pain .- Pain assessment tools in palliative cancer care.- Quality indicators for pain in palliative care.- Palliative care clinical trials: generalizability and applicability in hospice and palliative care practice.- Dynamic pain assessment: an application of clinical infometrics in personalized pain treatment and management.- Assessing pain and unmet need in patients with advanced dementia: the role of the serial trial intervention.- Common Pain Conditions .- Pediatric chronic pain.- Pain in the older person.- Pain after traumatic brain injury.- Pain in the battlefield injured.- Pain, whiplash disorder, and traffic safety.- Chronic low back pain.- Adult cancer-related pain.- Mechanisms of Pain .- Neuroanatomy of pain and pain pathways.- Acute to chronic pain: transition in the post-surgical patient.- Pain and the placebo/nocebo effect.- Sex differences in pain across the life course.- Stress and pain.- Hope in the context of pain and palliative care.- Temporomandibular disorder and its relationship with fibromyalgia.- Phantom limb pain.- Pharmacogenetics of pain: the future of personalized medicine.- Pain imaging.- Interventions for Pain .- Evidence-based pharmacotherapy of chronic pain.- Chronic pain and opioids.- Nerve blocks, trigger points, and intrathecal therapy for chronic pain.- Neurosurgical interventions for the control of chronic pain conditions.- Rehabilitation treatments for chronic musculoskeletal pain.- Psychosocial, Complementary and Alternative, and Spiritual Approaches for the Control of Symptoms .- Pain, depression, and anxiety in cancer.- Support groups for chronic pain.- CAM in chronic pain and palliative care.- Spiritual dimensions of pain and suffering.- Perspectives on Pain from the Humanities and Social Sciences .- Suffering, hope, and healing.- Narrative and pain: towards an integrative model.- Representations of the body in pain: anthropological approaches.- The art of pain: the patient's perspective of chronic pain.- Ethical Issues and Future Directions .- Disparities in pain management and palliative care.- The delineation and explication of palliative options of last resort.- Recognition and resolution of ethical barriers to palliative care research.- How health care reform can improve access to quality pain and palliative care services.


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