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The Palgrave Handbook of Social Creativity Research

The Palgrave Handbook of Social Creativity Research
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1. Re/searching the Social in Creativity, Past, Present and Future:  An Introduction to the Palgrave Handbook of Social Creativity Research; Izabela Lebuda, Vlad Petre Glaveanu.- Part I Methodological approaches to the social in creativity studies.- 2.The Sociocultural Context of Exceptional Creativity: Historiometric Methods; Dean Keith Simonton.- 3.Assessing Creativity with the Consensual Assessment Technique; John Baer, James C. Kaufman.- 4.An Introduction to Social Network Analysis for Creativity Research; Alexander S. McKay.- 5.Those days when people are creative: Diary methods in creativity research; Marta Czerwonka.- 6.Imaginative play, socio-emotional competence, and sociometric status in preschool children: Common methodological problems and new directions in research; Dorota Maria Jankowska, Iwona Omelanczuk.- 7.Climate for creativity: How to measure it in parent - child relationships?; Joanna Maria Kwasniewska.- 8.Life Positioning Analysis: Sociality, Materiality, and Creativity in the Lives of Carl Rogers and B. F. Skinner; Jack Martin.- 9.The dynamic display of social creativity: Developing the method of serial reproduction; Brady Wagoner.- 10.Microgenetic analysis and creativity: analyzing psychological change processes; Mônica Souza Neves-Pereira.- 11.Studying creativity as a social process: The use of subjective cameras; Vlad Petre Glaveanu.- Part II Empirical approaches to the social in creativity studies.- 12.The Sociocultural Context of Exceptional Creativity: Historiometric Studies; Dean Keith Simonton.- 13.(Social) Identity and Creativity in Virtual Settings: Review of Processes and Research Agenda; Jérôme Guegan, Todd Lubart, Julie Collange.- 14.The Role of Structure and Instruction on Creative Idea Evaluation and Selection; Roni Reiter-Palmon, Victoria Kennel, Triparna de Vreede, G. J. de Vreede.- 15.How do you manage evaluation? Attentive and affective constituents of creative performance under perceived frustration or success; Sergio Agnoli Laura Franchin, Enrico Rubaltelli, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza.- 16.Divergent and Convergent Collaborative Creativity; Paul B. Paulus, Lauren E. Coursey, Jared Kenworthy.- 17.The plasticity of natural concepts and creativity; Jerzy Trzebinski, Agnieszka Wolowicz.- 18.Lost in translation again: Concepts about creativity among Japanese and Polish prospective teachers; Aleksandra Gajda.- 19.Nomination of Domestic and Overseas Creative Celebrities:  The German Style and the Factors behind it; Min Tang, Markus Moser.- 20.The Paul Gauguin Syndrome - A Great Life Change; Piotr K. Oles.- 21.Changing one's foodway: Creativity as repositioning; Fabienne Gfeller.- 22.Behind the scenes: How to research creative processes in multidisciplinary groups; Ingunn Johanne Ness.- 23.Creative Culture Analysis: A way to understand how an environment is (or isn't) favorable to creative ideas; Asdrúbal Borges Formiga Sobrinho.- Part III. Reflections on social research into creativity.- 24.Evaluation of Creativity is Always Local; Robert J. Sternberg.- 25.Creating Social Creativity Integrative Transdisciplinarity and the Epistemology of Complexity; Alfonso Montuori.- 26.Creativity as dissent and resistance: Transformative approach premised on social justice agenda; Anna Stetsenko.- 27.Engineering moral autonomy: Creativity and innovation in the age of artificial intelligence; Daniel T. Gruner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.- 28.Life in the Cyber-Physical Society: the Need for Organic Creativity; Giovanni Emanuele Corazza.- 29.From Static to Dynamic:  Toward a Socio-Dynamic Perspective on Creativity in Classrooms; Ronald A. Beghetto.- 30.Classroom Creative Climate: From a Static to a Dynamic Perspective; Maciej Karwowski.- 31.Is Creativity Compatible with Educational Accountability? Promise and Pitfalls of Using Assessment to Monitor and Enhance a Complex Construct; Jonathan Plucker, Rasis Alanazi.- 32.A creative peer-to-peer methodology; Lene Tanggaard Pedersen, Charlotte Wegener.- 33. Creativity and the Social Brain; Anna Abraham.- 34. Social Innovation and the Evolution of Creative, Sustainable Worldviews; Liane Gabora, Mike Unrau.- 35.Fun, Foibles and Frustrations; Monika Reuter.- 36.Extraordinary: Reflections on Sample Representativeness; Viktor Dorfler, Marc Stierand.- 37.Why researches of professional and eminent creators' self beliefs need social context; Izabela Lebuda, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


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