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The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication

The Palgrave Handbook of Deceptive Communication
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Part 1: Conceptualizing the Study of Deception  1.The Study of Lying and Deception: Historical Perspectives 2.Defining Deception, Truth, and Related Concepts 3.Moral Dimensions of Deception4.A Review of Meta-Analyses about Deception Detection 5.Cultural Perspectives on Lying and Deception 
Part 2: Formulating and Sending Deceptive Messages 6.Implications of Some "Obvious Truths" for Building Theories of Deceptive Message Formulation and Production 7.Discursive Dimensions of Deceptive Communication: A Framework for Practical Analysis 8.True and False Intentions 9.The Reciprocal Nature of Lying and Memory:  Memory Confabulation and Diagnostic Cues to Deception 10.Manipulating Trust: Exploiting Communication Mechanisms and Authenticity Cues to Deceive 11.Affiliative and Exploitive Motives to Deception and Their Differential and Joint Consequences 12.Correlates of Self-Assessed Abilities to Tell Lies and Truths: A Review 13.Effects of Deception on the Deceiver 14.Inauthenticity as a Form of Deceptive Communication 
Part 3: Receiving, Detecting, and Deterring Deception15.Understanding Lie Detection Biases with ALIED: A Boundedly Rational Approach 16.Unchallenged Deceptions in Social and Professional Relationships 17.Managing Face in the Midst of Deception: A Cross-Cultural Examination 18.An Overview of Detecting Deceptive Behavior 19.Promising New Techniques in Lie Detection 20.Individual Differences & Deception Detection Abilities 21.Multitasking, Cognitive Load, and Deception22.Nonverbal Cues to Deception 23.The Many Faces of Trustworthiness: Accuracy and Inaccuracy in Predicting Deception from Facial Appearance 24.Comparing Perceptual and Automated Vision-Based Methods for Lie Detection in Younger Children 25.Deception and Language: The Contextual Organization of Language and Deception (COLD) Framework 26.Verifiability Approach: Applications in Different Judgmental Settings 27."At the End of the Day, When All is Said and Done, Honesty is the Best Policy": An Investigation Into the Potential Role of Formulaic Sequences as a Marker of Deception 28.Verbal Cues Fostering Perceptions of Credibility and Truth/Lie Detection 29.Detecting Deceptive Intentions: Possibilities for Large-Scale Applications 30.Indirect and Implicit Deception Detection: Existing Findings and Emerging Evidence 31.The Concealed Information Test: Past, Present, and Future 32.Deterring Deception: Theory and New Directions 
Part 4: Contextualizing Deception  
Deception in Interpersonal Contexts33.Deceptive Affection in Relationships  34.Deceiving for and During Sex 35.Deception at a Distance: Long-Distance Deception and Romantic Relationships 36.Life as Means of Deception within Art and Truth within Psyche: A Comprehensive Analysis of Romantic Deception Portrayals in Art and Psychology 37."She is my roommate:" Why and How Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Individuals Deceive Friends about Their Sexual Orientation 38.Linguistic Aspects of Cross-Cultural Deceptive Communication in Polish and English 39."Passing" and the Politics of Deception: Transgender Bodies, Cisgender Aesthetics, and the Policing of Inconspicuous Marginal Identities 
Deception in Group and Organizational Contexts40.Deception in Group Contexts 41.Organizational Deception: Lies at Work  42.What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You, Can It? Deception in Health Contexts 43.Is it Always Better to Tell the Whole Truth? Health Care Professionals and Medical "Bad News" 44.An Examining of Student Cheating: A Dramaturgical Perspective of Deception and Self-Deception 
Deception in Negotiation, Interrogation, and Law Contexts45.The History, Present, and Future of Police Deception during Interrogation 46.Deception and the Art and Science of Criminal Interrogation 47.Disbelief Repeats as Deception Tagging: Conversational Strategies for Labeling Lies in Interrogations  48.Interrogation, Torture, and Deception49.Deception Detection in Courtrooms: Hazards and Challenges for Scholars and Professionals 
Deception in Online, Visual, and Mass Communication Contexts50.Deception Production, Detection, and Beliefs in Online Environments 51.Playful Masquerade or Malicious Fraud? Deception in Anonymous Online Communication 52."You have Won EUR1,000,000": Analyzing the Discourse Structures of Deceptive Emails 53.Visual Deception: From Camo to Cameron 54.Ethics of Deception in Mass Communication 55.Propaganda, Social Media, and Fake News56.Marketing Deception: An Effects-based Paradigm57.Audiences in the Dark: Deception in Pharmaceutical Advertising through Verbal-Visual Mismatches 58.Audience Acceptance of Deceptive News Content 
Deception in Political Contexts59.Propaganda, Politics and Deception60.Disclosing Deception and No One Cares? Fact-Checking and Political Trust During Election Campaigns 61.Reality Monitoring in Politics: Language of Lies in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Race 


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