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Mental Health of Refugee and Conflict-Affected Populations: Theory, Research and Clinical Practice

Mental Health of Refugee and Conflict-Affected Populations: Theory, Research and Clinical Practice
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Part 1. Mental Health in Refugee and Conflict-Affected Populations.- Chapter 1. Mental Health Among Survivors of War in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Epidemiology and Treatment Outcome (Nexhmedin Morina).- Chapter 2. Mental Health, Pre-migratory Trauma and Post-migratory Stressors Among Adult Refugees (Jessica Carlsson).- Chapter 3. Child Mental Health in the Context of War: An Overview of Risk Factors and Interventions for Refugee and War-Affected Youth (Elizabeth A. Newnham).- Part 2 . Historical Perspectives and Theoretical Frameworks in Refugee and Conflict-Affected Mental Health.- Chapter 4. Variations of Military Violence: Structures, Interests, and Experiences of War from the 19th to the 21st Century (Jörg Echternkamp).- Chapter 5. Pathways to Recovery: Psychological Mechanisms Underlying Refugee Mental Health (Angela Nickerson) .- Chapter 6. Drive to Thrive: A Theory of Resilience Following Loss (Kai Hou).- Chapter 7. A Neurobiological Perspective of Mental Health Following Torture Trauma (Belinda Liddell).- Chapter 8.Interventions for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Moving Towards Consensus in Policy and Action? (Peter Ventevogel).- Part. 3. Psychological Interventions and Relevant Clinical Considerations in Working with Refugee and Conflict-Affected Populations.- Chapter 9. Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) as a Treatment for Traumatized Refugees and Post-Conflict Populations (Frank Neuner) .- Chapter 10. Culturally Sensitive CBT for Refugees: Key Dimensions (Devon Hinton).- Chapter 11. Alcohol and Drug Misuse Interventions in Conflict-Affected Populations (M. Claire Greene).- Chapter 12. Trauma Systems Therapy for Refugee Children and Families (Molly Benson).- Chapter 13. Supporting Children Affected by War: Towards an Evidence based Care System (Mark, J. D. Jordans).- Chapter 14. Clinical Considerations in the Psychological Treatment of Refugees (Matthis Schick).- Chapter 15. Legal and Ethical Considerations Related to the Asylum Process (Jane Herlihy).- Part 4. Research and Clinical Advances in Refugee and Conflict-Affected Mental Health.- Chapter 16. Conceptualization and Measurement of Traumatic Events among Refugee and Other War-Affected Populations (Andrew Rasmussen).- Chapter 17. Low Intensity Interventions for Psychological Symptoms following Mass Trauma (Katie Dawson).- Chapter 18.Development and Evaluation of Mental Health Interventions for Common Mental Disorders in Post-Conflict Settings (Paul Bolton).- Chapter 19.New Technologies in the Treatment of Psychological Disorders - Overview, Potentials and Barriers for Conflict-Affected Populations (Jana Stein).- Chapter 20. Conclusion (Angela  Nickerson).


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