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Fomenting Political Violence: Fantasy, Language, Media, Action

Fomenting Political Violence: Fantasy, Language, Media, Action
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Fomenting Political Violence - An Introduction; Steffen Krüger with Karl Figlio and Barry Richards.- Chapter 1: 'Fighting for something great ...': Intergenerational constellations and functions of self-culturalisation for adolescents in migrant families; Vera King.- Chapter 2: A most brutal and implacable superego: Understanding the pseudo-political violence of the Islamic State; Barry Richards.- Chapter 3: Pussy Riot, or The return of the repressed in discourse; Maria Brock.- Chapter 4: Violence and the Virtual: Right-wing, anti-asylum Facebook pages and the fomenting of political violence; Steffen Krüger.- Chapter 5: Shaping prejudice? Holocaust remembrance and the narrative of German suffering; Roger Frie.- Chapter 6: The Rhetorical Satisfactions of Hate Speech; James Martin.- Chapter 7: Fundamentalism and the Delusional Creation of an Enemy; Karl Figlio.- Chapter 8: Spatialization and the Fomenting of Political Violence; Deborah Wright.- Chapter 9: Four Monuments and a Funeral - Pathological Mourning and Collective Memory in Contemporary Hungary; Jeffrey Murer.-Chapter 10: Darwin, Freud, and Group Conflict; Jim Hopkins.


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Länge: 22
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Sprachen: Englisch
Autor: Barry Richards, Karl Figlio, Steffen Krüger


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