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Embodied Activities in Face-to-face and Mediated Settings: Social Encounters in Time and Space

Embodied Activities in Face-to-face and Mediated Settings: Social Encounters in Time and Space
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Preface; Cornelia Gerhardt and Elisabeth Reber.- Part I. Introduction - theoretical and methodological issues.- Chapter 1. Embodied Activities; Cornelia Gerhardt and Elisabeth Reber.- Chapter 2. Activities as discrete organizational domains; Harrie Mazeland.- Chapter 3. Practices for showing, looking and videorecording: the interactional establishment of a common focus of attention; Lorenza Mondada.- Part II. Objects in Space.- Chapter 4. Intra-operative decision making in a teaching hospital; Jeff Bezemer, Ged Murtagh and Alexandra Cope.- Chapter 5. 'Showing' as a means of engaging a reluctant participant into a joint activity; Cornelia Gerhardt.- Chapter 6. Joint attention in passing (...) - what dual mobile eye-tracking reveals about gaze in coordinating embodied activities on a market; Anja Stukenbrock and An Nhi Dao.- Part III. Complex Participation Frameworks.- Chapter 7. Multiparty coordination under time pressure: The social organisation of handball team time-out activities; Christian Meyer and Ulrich von Wedelstädt.- Chapter 8. Punch and Judy politics? Embodying challenging actions in parliament; Elisabeth Reber.- Chapter 9. Assessments in transition: Coordinating participation framework transitions in institutional settings; Darren Reed.- Part IV. Affiliation and Alignment.- Chapter 10. Embodying empathy: On the negotiation of resources, rights and responsibilities in comforting actions; Maxi Kupetz.- Chapter 11. Negotiating activity closings with reciprocal head nods in Mandarin conversation; Xiaoting Li.- Chapter 12. Position expansion in meeting talk; Harrie Mazeland.- Part V. Epilogue.- Chapter 13. Epilogue; Cornelia Gerhardt and Elisabeth Reber.


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