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The Palgrave Handbook to Horror Literature

The Palgrave Handbook to Horror Literature
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1. Introduction

Kevin Corstorphine


Part I: The Origins and Evolution of Literary Horror

2. Bhayanaka (Horror and the Horrific) in Indian Aesthetics

Dhananjay Singh


3. Horror in the Medieval North: The Troll

Ármann Jakobsson


4. The Horror Genre and Aspects of Native American Indian Literature

Joy Porter


5. Vampires, Shape-Shifters, and Sinister Light: Mistranslating Australian Aboriginal Horror in Theory and Literary Practice

Naomi Simone Borwein


6. Men, Women, and Landscape in American Horror Fiction

Dara Downey


7. Blood Flows Freely: The Horror of Classic Fairy Tales

Lorna Piatti-Farnell


8. Turning Dark Pages and Transacting with the Inner Self: Adolescents' Perspectives of Reading Horror Texts

Phil Fitzsimmons


9. Horror and Damnation in Medieval Literature

Andrew J. Power


10. The Jacobean Theater of Horror

Tony Perrello


11. "A mass of unnatural and repulsive horrors": Staging Horror in Nineteenth-Century English Theatre

Sarah A. Winter


12. Horror in Gothic Chapbooks

Franz J. Potter


13. "We stare and tremble": Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Horror Novels

Natalie Neill


14. "The Horror! The Horror!": Tracing Horror in Modernism from Conrad to Eliot

Matthias Stephan


15. Global Horror: Pale Horse, Pale Rider

David Punter


Part II: Themes of Literary Horror


16. Vampires: Reflections in a Dark Mirror

Wendy Fall


17. Zombie Fictions

Anya Heise-von der Lippe


18. "You don't think I'm like any other boy. That's why you're afraid": Haunted / Haunting Children from The Turn of the Screw to Tales of Terror

Chloé Germaine Buckley


19. Discussing Dolls: Horror and the Human Double

Sandra Mills


20. "They Have Risen Once: They May Rise Again": Animals in Horror Literature

Bernice M. Murphy


21. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Woods?: Deep Dark Forests and Literary Horror

Elizabeth Parker


22. Disability and Horror

Alan Gregory


23. Monstrous Machines and Devilish Devices

Gwyneth Peaty


24. "And Send her Well-Dos'd to the Grave": Literary Medical Horror

Laura R. Kremmel


25. Imperial Horror and Terrorism

Johan Höglund


26. Postmodern Literary Labyrinths: Spaces of Horror Reimagined

Katharine Cox



Part III: Approaches to Literary Horror

27. Evolutionary Study of Horror Literature

Mathias Clasen


28. Transgressive Horror and Politics: The Splatterpunks and Extreme Horror

Aalya Ahmad


29. Boundary Crossing and Cultural Creation: Transgressive Horror and Politics of the 1990s

Coco d'Hont


30. "Maggot Maladies": Origins of Horror as a Culturally Proscribed Entertainment

Sarah Cleary


31. The Mother of All Horrors: Medea's Infanticide in African American Literature

Christina Dokou


32. Horror, Race, and Reality

Ordner W. Taylor, III


33. Postcolonial Horror

Tabish Khair


34. Conceptualizing Varieties of Space in Horror Fiction

Andrew Hock Soon Ng


35. Towards an Acoustics of Literary Horror

Matt Foley


36. Hesitation Marks: The Fantastic and The Satirical in Postmodern Horror

Laura Findlay


37. "It's Alive!" New Materialism and Literary Horror

Susan Yi Sencindiver


38. Horror "After Theory"

Lyle Enright


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