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Talk To Me In Korean - Level 4

Talk To Me In Korean - Level 4
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Learn to Compare, Contrast, Modify, and Describe More Fluently in Korean!You are about to take a giant leap forward in understanding and speaking Korean. After studying with this book, you will be more comfortable with making your own Korean sentences, have a broader Korean vocabulary, and be more familiar with reading only (Han-geul) rather than relying on romanization.Learn to Compare, Contrast, Modify, and Describe More Fluently in Korean!We made this book to help you learn Korean on your own, even if you don't go to a Korean language school to take a course. TTMIK Books are based on the lessons available on our website and in the podcast but improved and edited to fit the book format, so that you can learn Korean on your own. The book comes with mp3 audio files including the recordings of all of the major vocabulary words, expressions, sample sentences and dialogues used in the book.After learning each grammar point, you will also see a sample dialogue based on what you've learned in the certain unit. You will also see some exercise questions so that you can check and reinforce what you've learned.TalkToMeInKorean.com is a Korean language learning website that became popular overseas before it was recognized in Korea. Ever since its foundation in 2009, more than 5 million people have?visited TalkToMeInKorean.com. TTMIK audio lessons have been downloaded over 50 million times while TTMIK YouTube videos have received over ten million views thus far. Learn Korean more effectively with our core grammar lessons! From saying the basic greetings, to counting numbers, and to having simple yet natural conversations in Korean, you can learn the basics of the Korean language with this textbook.


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