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Mosquito-borne Diseases: Implications for Public Health

Mosquito-borne Diseases: Implications for Public Health
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Mosquito transmission of HIV - rare or not possible?

Diehl Nora nora.diehl@googlemail.com

How to protect people from malaria when the diffusion of insecticide resistant Anopheles mosquitoes will have abolished efficacy of the major vector control tools?

Viewpoints from different perspectives

Habluetzel A, Esposito F annette.habluetzel@unicam.it, fulvio.esposito@unicam.it

Elettaria cardamomum (L.) fabricated  ferric nanoparticles exhibits antivectorial and antiviral activity in Dengue virus type 2 infection

Kadarkarai Murugan, Manickam Paulpandi, Pandian Amuthavalli, Devakumar Dinesh, Akon Higuchi, S. Suresh Kumar,   Rajasekar Aruliah,  Jayapal Subramaniam, Abdullah A. Alarfaj, Marcello Nicoletti


Vector potential of mosquito species (Diptera: Culicida

e) occurring in Central Europe

Kampen H, Walther D helge.kampen@fli.de

Mosquitoes endangering health in China

Li Y et al.


Essential oils from aromatic and medicinal plants as effective weapons against mosquito vectors of public health importance'?

Maggi F filippo.maggi@unicam.it


Introduction - Why are mosquitoes dangerous: adaptations in life cycles and behaviour

Mehlhorn H mehlhorn@uni-duesseldorf.de


Morphology of mouthparts of mosquitoes and related species adapted to blood sucking

Mehlhorn H mehlhorn@uni-duesseldorf.de


Protection from mosquito bites in army field activities

N.N. (colleague from military is asked)


Zika virus epidemics - a sudden outbreak?



Natural disasters and transmission of parasites; what is the role of veterinarians to play? - from theory to praxis

Poglayen G, Habluetzel A, Esposito F giovanni.poglayen@unibo.it, annette.habluetzel@unicam.it, fulvio.esposito@unicam.it


Mosquitoes as arbovirus vectors: from species identification to vector competence

Schulz C, Becker S Claudia.Schulz@tiho-hannover.de, Stefanie.Becker@tiho-hannover.de


Threats by mosquito-borne pathogens in Europe

A. Steinbrink, S. Zotzmann, L.K.Koch, D.D.Dörge, S. Cunze, T. Kuhn, S.Klimpel  Sven.Klimpel@senckenberg.de


Mosquitocidal and antiplasmodial potential of Syzygium cumini fabricated silver nanoparticles and its toxicity against predatory fish

Jayapal Subramaniam,  Arulsamy Jebanesan, Kadarkarai Murugan ,  Rajasekar Aruliah, Samivel Kant

hammal, Ma


nan Vijay, Pe

riyasamy Senthamarai Selvan, Pandian Amuthavalli, Jiang-Shiou Hwang, Marcello Nicoletti, Akon Higuchi, Abdullah A. Alarfaj


Mosquito-borne diseases: Prevention is the cure for Dengue, chikungunya and zika viruses

Faraji A, Gaugler R, Chandra K, Suman DS


Long-lasting insecticide-treated textiles preventing from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases

Faulde, MK et al.


Molecular aspects of species of the genus Aedes with epidemiological importance

Pereira, LPLA et al.



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