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Origin and Evolution of Biodiversity

Origin and Evolution of Biodiversity
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Pmela and Tyrp1b contribute to melanophore variation in Mexican cavefish.- Adaptive evolution of yeast under heat stress and genetic reconstruction to generate thermotolerant yeast.- The domestication syndrome in Phaseolus crop plants: a review of two key domestication traits.- Tracing the Evolutionary Origin of the Gut-Brain-Axis.- Mini bioreactors as tools for adaptive laboratory evolution for antibiotic drug resistance and evolutionary tuning of bacterial optogenetic circuits.- Deciphering the evolution of vertebrate immune cell types with single-cell RNA-seq.- Evolutionary Impacts of Alternative Transposition.- Allorecognition and stem cell parasitism: a tale of competition, selfish genes and greenbeards in a basal chordate.- How to become selfish: Evolution and adaptation to self-fertilization in plants.- Immunoglobulin-like domains have an evolutionarily conserved role during gamete fusion in C. elegans and mouse.- Feralisation - the understudied counterpoint to domestication.- Post-Glacial Colonization of Northern Europe by Reptiles.- The Relative Roles of Selection and Drift in Phenotypic Variation: Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Wet.- Metagenomic approaches highlight the organization and dynamics of plankton at the species level.- Ion-molecule Reactions as a Possible Synthetic Route for the Formation of Prebiotic Molecules in Space.- Did Gene Expression Co-evolve with Gene Replication?.- Biological dogmas in relation to the origin of evolutionary novelties.- A Proposed Terminology of Convergent Evolution.- Natura fecit saltum: punctuationalism pervades the natural sciences.


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