Impact of vegetal cover on local water resources. A case study of Kanshi sub-watershed (Gujar Khan),

Impact of vegetal cover on local water resources. A case study of Kanshi sub-watershed (Gujar Khan),
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Scientific Essay from the year 2014 in the subject Geography / Earth Science - Miscellaneous, grade: still waiting, , course: M.phill geography, language: English, abstract: Abstract
This research was conducted focusing the importance of vegetation in Mangla watershed for the assessment of its impacts on water resources. Satellite images of study area were analyzed using Arc GIS 9.2 and Erdas Imagine 9.1 for vegetation change detection and identification of local streams feeding Kanshi River. River discharge data was obtained from Surface Water hydrology department Lahore. Extensive agriculture practices, population growth, settlement patterns and brick industry have significantly affected the vegetation cover. Deforestation occurred in the past for agriculture and timber needs has changed the vegetation condition and hence rainfall patterns. Uncertain or extreme rainfall events and temporary drought condition are common. The discharge of Kanshi River is decreased by 44.15% during last 20 years with a significant decrease in water table of Gujar Khan City. Further development in watershed area, improper agriculture practices, unplanned settlements and deforestation should be completely banned to stabilize the ecosystem. Water harvesting structures should be constructed to fulfill the needs of local community for agriculture and domestic use.
Keywords: Gujar Khan, vegetation, watershed, river discharge, ArcGIS


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