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Agrourbanism: Tools for Governance and Planning of Agrarian Landscape

Agrourbanism: Tools for Governance and Planning of Agrarian Landscape
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Chapter 1. Approaching a vision of agrarian urbanism: innovative domains, key definitions and concepts (Enrico Gottero).- Part 1: Agrourbanism from a global perspective.- Chapter 2. Farmland preservation and rural development in Canada (Sara Epp).- Chapter 3. Managing Urban and Rural Agricultural Landscape Processes in Japan (Chika Takatori).- Chapter 4. Cities linked through food trans-boundaries: The case of Singapore as an Agri-pelago (Jessica Anna Diehl).- Part 2: Governing the agro-urban spaces in Europe.- Chapter 5. Contraposition, juxtaposition and transposition of the urban and the rural (Marco Santangelo).- Chapter 6. Towards and effective implementation of the Green Infrastructure in rural areas. Challenges and options for a substantial integration with spatial planning (Carlo Rega).- Chapter 7. Spatial dimensions of the CAP: territorial congruence, supposed and explicit territoriality (Enrico Gottero).- Chapter 8. Foodscape and food urbanism in Europe: the urban-rural interface (Susan Parham).- Part 3: Agrourbanism forms and places.- Chapter 9. Urban agriculture forms in Europe (Frank Lohrberg).- Chapter 10. Agricultural Park in Europe as tool for agri-urban policies and design: a critical overview (David Fanfani).- Chapter 11. Urban agriculture in Urban Food Policies: debate and practices (Giacomo Pettenati).- Chapter 12. Preserving and restoring Italian traditional rural landscapes. Addresses from social perception to spatial planning, policies and research (Bianca Maria Seardo).- Part 4: Agrourbanism functions and tools.- Chapter 13. Towards countryside revival: reducing impacts of urban expansion on land benefits (Marco Marchetti).- Chapter 14. Ecosystems Services and spatial planning: lessons learned from the Life SAM4CP project (Carolina Giaimo).- Chapter 15. Spatial tools to renew planning paradigm through metropolitan agriculture. The case study of Turin (Italy) (Enrico Gottero).- Chapter 16. Conclusion. Ten good reasons to foster an innovative vision of agrarian urbanism in Europe (Enrico Gottero).


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