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Enhancements in Applied Geomechanics, Mining, and Excavation Simulation and Analysis: Proceedings of

Enhancements in Applied Geomechanics, Mining, and Excavation Simulation and Analysis: Proceedings of
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1.Magneto-gravity Simulation of Cone Penetration Test in Cohesionless Soil under Small Gravity Fields. 2.The Effect of Several Parameters on the Behavior of Asphalt Mixture in Libya. 3.Review and Analysis on Using the Analytical Approaches for Predicting the Pavement Performance. 4.Grouting Material Development and Treatment of Water and Mud Inflow Caused by TBM Tunneling in Fault Zones. 5.Traffic Data Characterization for Road Rehabilitation: A Case Study of the Korogwe-Mombo Road Section in Tanzania. 6.Effect of Width of Geosynthetic Reinforcement Within the Granular Cover on the Load Distribution Over the Tunnel Lining. 7.Durability Assessment of Pavement Foundation Materials Treated with a Polymeric-Based Additive. 8.Analytical Method to Evaluate the Stress State within Vertical Backfill. 9.Numerical Simulation of Surface Subsidence After the Collapse of a Mine. 10.A New Method Based on PFC and Hierarchical Modeling for Pile Foundation Analysis. 11.Investigation and Numerical Simulation Analyses of the Landslides in Terrace Formation. 12.Performance of Three Atmospheric Density Models on Precise Orbit Determination for Haiyang-2A Satellite Using DORIS Data. 13.In Situ Test of Traffic-load-induced Settlement of Alluvial Silt Subsoil Treated by Unslaked Lime. 14.Experimental Study on Shear Strength Behavior of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Sand. 15.Comparative Analysis on the Effect of Asphalt Film Aging Test and Actual Production, Transportation and Paving on Asphalt Aging Degree. 16.Response of Swelling Clays to Superstructure Vertical Loads.


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