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New Solutions for Challenges in Applications of New Materials and Geotechnical Issues: Proceedings o

New Solutions for Challenges in Applications of New Materials and Geotechnical Issues: Proceedings o
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1.Modified Duncan-Chang model and mechanics parameter determination based on triaxial consolidated drained tests of Guiyang red clay in China 2.Hydro-thermal properties of the unsaturated soil 3.Gas bubble nucleation and migration in soils - Pore-network model simulation 4.A Coupled Chemo-mechanical Analysis of the Dissolution-dominated Sinkholes 5.Simplified Methodology for Stiffness Estimation of Double D Shaped Caisson Foundations 6.Modelling of hydro-mechanical coupling in land uplift due to groundwater recharge 7.Numerical Modeling of Reinforced Stone Columns and Bamboo Grid Mattress for Supporting Causeway Embankment on Soft Soil Bed 8.A Three Dimensional Discrete Constitutive Model for Over Coarse Grained Soil 9.Optimization charge scheme for multi-row ring blasting design adopting equilateral triangle layout based on modified Harries' mathematical model from a fragmentation perspective: a case study 10.The Impact of Geocell Element Dimensions on Circular Behavior 11.Soil Reinforcement and Slope Stabilization Using Natural Jute Fibres 12.Utilisation of Geotextile fabric and Permeable Concrete to Prevent Coastal Erosion 13.Assessment of Mass Movements and Critical Phreatic Levels in Soil Slopes 14.Study on surface deformation caused by comprehensive mining in a coal mine in Northwest China 15.Settlement of Composite Foundation with Sparse PTC (pre-stressed tubular concrete) Capped-Piles under Embankment 16.Ground motion amplification induced by shallow circular tunnel in soft soil 17.A Case Study of Roadway Embankment Construction over Existing Sewers in Montreal, Canada


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