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Transportation and Geotechniques: Materials, Sustainability and Climate: Proceedings of the 5th GeoC

Transportation and Geotechniques: Materials, Sustainability and Climate: Proceedings of the 5th GeoC
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1.Evaluation of Polymer-Based Dust Suppressant Mixed with Clayey Soil in Unpaved Road: Lab experiment 2.Evaluation of Co-Polymer Based Dust Suppressant Mixed with Soil in Unpaved Road: Lab experiment 3.A different perspective on the production and application of warm mix asphalt under unfavorable temperature conditions 4.Effect of cylinder size on the Compressive Strength of concrete CO2 curing 5.Performance Study on Asphalt Pavement Preservation Technologies in Gansu Province 6.A new procedure for construction metro station in non-cemented soil: A numerical investigation 7.Classification of seismic-liquefaction potential using Friedman's stochastic gradient boosting based on the cone penetration test data 8.Centrifuge Test on the Cyclic Response of Pile in Dense Saturated Sand 9.Subgrade Stiffness Effects on Mechanical Responses of Asphalt Pavement at Bridge Approach 10.Based on Equal Volumetric Parameters Mix Design Method for Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt 11.Use of Falling Weight Deflectometer for Airport Pavements 12.Studies on performance of latex based coatings for concrete surfaces 13.One dimensional ground response analysis and identification of liquefiable strata of Guwahati city. 14.A conceptual model for estimation on the strength of soil rock mixture after grouting reinforcement 15.Immobilization of Pb in soil using NZVI nanoparticles: effects on vane shear strength


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Autor: Jia-Ruey Chang, Manik Barman, Musharraf Zaman


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