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New Prospects in Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Civil Infrastructures: Proceedings of the 5th G

New Prospects in Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Civil Infrastructures: Proceedings of the 5th G
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1.Numerical Simulation and Parametric Study of a Single Pile in Clay Layer to Examine the Effect of Loading on Settlements and Skin Friction Distribution 2.Study on Low-Strength Biocemented Sands Using a Temperature-controlled MICP (Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation) method 3.Curing Behaviour of Lightly Solidified Clays Monitored with Bender Element and Electrical Conductivity Measurements 4.Effect of grain content on the sandstone properties using biconcave bond model of DEM 5.Numerical Modeling of Embankment Settlement over Soft Soils 6.Impact Analysis of Metro Tunnel Construction on Groundwater Flow in Nanchang,China 7.Boundary Effects of Pile Cap on the Integrity Testing of Group Piles 8.Soft Soil Improvement using Rigid Inclusions: Toward an Application for Transport Infrastructure Construction in Vietnam 9.Mechanical and Deformation Properties of Deep Foundation Pit Supporting System Subjected to Asymmetric Loadings 10.Modelling Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour of Kanpur Local Soil Using Prony Series, Parameter Fitting 11.A Macroelement Approach for Non-linear Response of Offshore Skirted Footings 12.The Effect of Using Desert Sands and Cement to Stabilize The Base Course Layer of Roads in Libya 13.Shaft Capacity Assessment of Recharge Impulse Technology Piles 14.Mechanistic Analysis of Subgrade Soil Reinforced with Modified Jute Geotextile 15.A Parametric Study of Deep Mixing Columns and Fibre Reinforced Load Transfer Platform Supported Embankments 16.Flexural Behavior of RC Two Way Slabs Made with Crushed Melted Bricks as Coarse Aggregate 17.A Novel Finite Element Model for Modeling Pile Dynamics 18.The Spectral Finite Element Method for Simulating Wave Propagation in Viscoelastic Soils 19.Train Internal Noise due to Wheel-Rail Interaction 20.Sustainable Use of Reclaimed Ballast Rejects for Construction of Rail Corridor Access Road - an Australian Experience 21.Potassium Aluminate Geo-polymerisation of Acidic Gold Mine Tailings


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