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Tunneling in Soft Ground, Ground Conditioning and Modification Techniques: Proceedings of the 5th Ge

Tunneling in Soft Ground, Ground Conditioning and Modification Techniques: Proceedings of the 5th Ge
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1.Predicting Subgrade Resilient Modulus for use in the MEPDG using Common Soil Indices 2.Evaluating the Application of Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation Technique in Stabilizing Expansive Soils 3.Transverse Cracks Cause Analysis on Rock-anchored Beam During the Construction Process of Hydropower Station Underground Powerhouse 4.Performance Evaluation of Jacking Force Models for Tunnel Bore Conditions Characterisation 5.Deformation law of surrounding rock of expansive soil tunnel based on dry-wet cycle model test 6.Improved Approach for Determining Pile Length of Group Pile Using Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform 7.Application of Displacement Direction Angle Theory on Excavation Methods Conversion Opportunity of Zi-Zhi Tunnel 8.The effects of local voids on the cracking performance of an existing tunnel lining 9.Integration of fault tree and Bayesian network for falling risk of the bridge project - Precasting Prestressing Segmental Construction Method 10.Experimental investigation for determining explosive consumption and researching effect of rock fragmentation by blasting during shield tunneling 11.A web-based ground settlement prediction system for subway construction 12.Implementation of Highly Flowable Strain Hardening Fiber Reinforced Concrete (HF-SHFRC) to NEW RC Bridge Columns for Sustainability Development 13.Design and Numerical Analysis of an Externally Heated Geothermal Bridge Deck 14.Influence of the pipe canopy filling in shallow tunnels 15.Analysis of Offshore Rock Socketed Monopile Foundations Considering Stiffness Degradation 16.Seismic Re-qualification of Caisson Supported Dhansiri River Bridge 17.Numerical investigation on muck pressures during EPB shield tunneling with varying discharge ratio based on coupled PFC3D/FLAC3D method 18.Physical and Mechanical Characterization of Himalayan Dolomite 19.Mechanical Assessment of Crushed Rocks Derived from Tunnelling Operations 20.Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian modeling to study the long-runout landslide: A case study 21.Optimizing Arterial Signal with Delay and Queue


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