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Testing and Characterization of Asphalt Materials and Pavement Structures: Proceedings of the 5th Ge

Testing and Characterization of Asphalt Materials and Pavement Structures: Proceedings of the 5th Ge
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1.Fuel Resistance Asphalt Binder: Mixing procedure and Fuel damage resistance 2.Evaluating the thermal characteristics of rubberized asphalt by applying the object-based approach 3.Effect of Anti-Stripping Agents on Asphalt Binder-Aggregate Systems Performance Using a Mechanistic Approach 4.Stiffening Thin Orthotropic Deck Structures With Thermoset Epoxy Asphalt For Improved Fatigue Resistance 5.Changes in chemical fingerprints of asphalt binders due to aging and chemical modification 6.Asphalt Mixtures That Disipatetes Energy - Comparison Of Conventional And Newly Developed Mixtures 7.Study on Moisture Susceptibility of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt 8.Effect of Different Adding Methods of Nano-TiO2 on Photocatalytic Degradation of Automobile Exhaust on Asphalt Mixture 9.Evaluating the Effect of Solar Radiations on the Performance of Asphalt Concrete Pavements 10.Effect of overloaded vehicles on whole life cycle cost of flexible pavements 11.Practical pavement design approach subjected to seepage conditions 12.Study on shrinkage of ordinary concrete under different temperatures and humidity 13.Representing Collected Road Condition Data with Chernoff Faces for Evaluation of Pavement Conditions 14.Reflective Cracking in Composite Pavements -A Case Study 15.Optimization Of Gravel Road Blading


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Autor: Kun Zhang, Rongqiao Xu, Shih-Huang Chen


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