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The Geology of the Arab World---An Overview

The Geology of the Arab World---An Overview
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Chapter 1. Tectonics  of the Eastern Desert of Egypt: Key to understanding the  Neoproterozoic evolution  of the  Arabian--Nubian  Shield  (East  Africa Orogen).- Chapter 2. A new synthetic geological map of the Tuareg Shield: an overview of its Globalstructure and geological evolution.- Chapter 3. The 600 Ma-old Pan-African Magmatism in the InOuzzal Terrane (Tuareg Shield, Algeria): Witness of the Metacratonisation of a Rigid Block.- Chapter 4. An Overview of the Plutons magnetic fabric studies in the Hoggar Shield:Evolution of the Major Shear Zones during the Pan-African.- Chapter 5. Electrical conductivity constraints on the geometry of the western LATEA boundary from a magnetotelluric data   acquired near Tahalgha volcanic district (Hoggar , Southern Algeria).- Chapter 6. Regional Geology and Petroleum Systems of the Main Reservoirs and Source Rocks of North Africa and the Middle East.- Chapter 7. Paleomagnetism of the Western Saharan basins : an overview.- Chapter 8. Archaeoseismology in Algeria: Observed damages related to probable past earthquakes on archaeological remains on Roman sites (Tel Atlas of Algeria).- Chapter 9. A glimpse at the history of seismology in Algeria.- Chapter 10. Active Tectonics andSeismic Hazardin the Tell Atlas (Northern Algeria): A Review.- Chapter 11. Seismicity of the algerian tell atlas and the impacts of major earthquakes.- Chapter 12. An overview on 40 years of remote sensing geology based on Arab examples.- Chapter 13. Meteorite impact structures in the Arab world: an overview.- Chapter 14. Holocene climate development of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.


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Autor: Abderrahmane Bendaoud, Basem Zoheir, Mohamed Hamoudi, Safouane Djemai, Zakaria Hamimi


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