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Urban Climates in Latin America

Urban Climates in Latin America
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Chapter 1. Introduction (Cristián Henríquez and Hugo Romero).- Part I: Urban Heat Island, Local Climate Zone and Thermal Comfort.- Chapter 2. Urban Climates of Large Cities: Comparison of Urban Heat Island Effect in Latin American (Pablo Sarricolea and Oliver Meseguer-Ruiz).- Chapter 3. Urban Climate in the South-American Coastal Cities of Guayaquil, Lima, Antofagasta and Valparaiso and its Impacts on the Buildings' Energy Efficiency (Massimo Palme, Luis Inostroza, Geovanna Villacreses, Claudio Carrasco and Andrea Lobato).- Chapter 4. Improving Urban Planning in a Middle Temperate Argentinean City. Combining Urban Climate Mapping with Local Climate Zones (Natasha Picone and Alicia Campo).- Chapter 5. Thermal Differences, Comfort / Discomfort and Humidex Summer Climate in Mar del Plata, Argentina (Mónica García).- Chapter 6. A Comparative Study of Thermal Comfort in Public Spaces in the Cit-ies of Concepción And Chillán, Chile (Pamela Smith, Cristóbal Lamarca and Cristián Henríquez).- Part II: Air Pollution and Urban Climates.- Chapter 7.   Urban Air Pollution (Héctor Jorquera, Lupita Montoya and Nestor Y. Rojas).- Chapter 8. Urban Trees and its Relationships with Air Pollution by Particulate Matter and Ozone in Santiago de Chile (Margarita Préndez, Mauricio Araya, Carla Criollo, Claudia Egas, Iván Farías, Raúl Fuentealba and Edgardo González).- Chapter 9. Urban Climates and the Unsustainable Development of Chilean Ci-ties (Hugo Romero).- Part III: Climate Disasters, Health and Urban Resilience.- Chapter 10. The Urban Climate System and the Impacts of Flooding on Rio De Janeiro (RJ), Brazil (Nubia Beray Armond and João Lima Sant'Anna Neto).- Chapter 11. 50-Years of Climate Extreme Indices Trends and Inventory of Natu-ral Disasters in Chilean Cities (1965-2015) (Cristián Henríquez, Jorge Qüense, Claudia Villarroel and Cindy Mallea).- Chapter 12. Urban Climate and Dengue Epidemics in Brazil (Wilson Roseghini, Francisco Mendonça and Pietro Ceccato).- Chapter 13. Green Infrastructure Planning to Tackle Climate Change in Latin American Cities (Alexis Vásquez, Emanuel Giannotti, Elizabeth Galdámez, Paola Velásquez and Carolina Devoto).- Chapter 14. Incorporating Resilience and Adaptive Strategies to Climate Change in Urban and Territorial Planning in Uruguay (Adriana Goñi Mazzitelli, Ingrid Roche, Pablo Sierra and Isabel Gadino).- Chapter 15. Assessing Climate Risk in Small and Intermediate Towns and Cities: A Preliminary Rapid Appraisal Tool and its Application in Florencia, Colombia (Ayesha Salas and Jonathan Barton).


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