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Internet of Things - ICIOT 2018: Third International Conference, Held as Part of the Services Confer

Internet of Things - ICIOT 2018: Third International Conference, Held as Part of the Services Confer
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Research Track - Architecture.- A Blockchain-based Decentralized Security Architecture for IoT.- Pattern Based Integration of Internet of Things Systems.- A Novel Wiki Mechanism of Engineering Empirical Knowledge Management.- Research Track - Smart IoT.- Activity Recognition using Graphical Features from Smart Phone Sensor.- Algebraic Service Composition for User-Centric IoT Applications.- QoS-Aware Resource Allocation for Mobile IoT Pub/Sub Systems.- ProCal: A Low-Cost and Programmable Calibration Tool for IoT Devices.- Identification of Remote IoT Users Using Sensor Data Analytics.- Research on the Design of Human Settlement System and Personal Air Purification System under the Background of Internet of Things.- Application and Industry Track.- FPGA Hardware Implementation of Smart Home Autonomous System based on Deep Learning.- An Empirical Analysis of Smart Connected Home Data.- Using Blockchain for IOT Access Control and Authentication Management.- A Middleware Mediated Application Layer Protocol to Decouple Provider-Consumer Relationship in Web Services Orchestration And Its Application in Novel IoT Integration.- Short Paper Track.- RT-OCF: A Lightweight Device-to-Device Framework for the Internet of Things.


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Autor: Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Liang-Jie Zhang


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