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Big Data in Computational Social Science and Humanities

Big Data in Computational Social Science and Humanities
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Big Data in Computational Social Sciences and the Humanities: An Introduction.- Part I: Practice.- Application of Citizen Science and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI): Tourism Development for Rural Communities.- Telling Stories Through R: Geo-temporal Mappings of Epigraphic.- Expressing Dynamic Maps through 17th-Century Taiwan Dutch Manuscripts.- Has Homo economicus Evolved into Homo sapiens from 1992 to 2014?: What Does Corpus Linguistics Say?.- Big Data and FinTech.- Health in Biodiversity-Related Conventions: Analysis of a Multiplex Terminological Network (1973-2016).- How Does Linguistic Complexity in Shakespeare's Plays Relate to the Production History of a Commercial American Theatre?.- Language Communities, Corpora, and Cognition.- From Naive Expectation to Realistic Progress - Government Applications of Big Data to Public Opinions Mining.- Understanding "the User-Generated": The Construction of the "ABC model" and the Imagination of "Digital Humanities".- Part II: Survey and Challenges.- Big Data Finance and Financial Markets.- Applications of Internet Methods in Psychology.- Spatial Humanities: An Integrated Approach to Spatiotemporal Research.- Cloud Computing in the Social Sciences and Humanities.- Analysis of Social Media Data: An Introduction to the Characteristics and Chronological Process Spatial Humanities.- Big Data and Research Opportunities Using HRAF Databases.- Computational History: From Big Data to Big Simulations.- A Posthumanist Reflection on the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences.


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