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Handbook of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems

Handbook of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems
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1 Introduction to Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems.- 2 Tractable Non-Gaussian Representation in Dynamic Data Driven Coherent Fluid Mapping.- 3 Dynamic Data-Driven Adaptive Observations in Data Assimilation for Multi-scale Systems.- 4 Dynamic Data-Driven Uncertainty Quantification via Polynomial Chaos for Space Situational Awareness.- 5 Towards Learning Spatio-Temporal Data Stream Relationships for Failure Detection in Avionics.- 6 Markov Modeling of Time Series via Spectral Analysis for Detection of Combustion Instabilities.- 7 Dynamic Space-Time Model for Syndromic Surveillance with Particle Filters and Dirichlet Process.- 8 A Computational Steering Framework for Large-Scale Composite Structures.- 9 Development of Intelligent and Predictive Self-Healing Composite Structures using Dynamic Data-Driven Applications Systems.- 10 Dynamic Data-Driven Approach for Unmanned Aircraft Systems aero-elastic response analysis.- 11 Transforming Wildfire Detection and Prediction using New and Underused Sensor and Data Sources Integrated with Modeling.- 12 Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems for Identification of Biomarkers in DNA Methylation.- 13 Photometric Steropsis for 3D Reconstruction of Space Objects.- 14 Aided Optimal Search: Data-Driven Target Pursuit from On-Demand Delayed Binary Observations.- 15 Optimization of Multi-Target Tracking within a Sensor Network via Information Guided Clustering.- 16 Data-Driven Prediction of Confidence for EVAR in Time-varying Datasets.- 17 DDDAS for Attack Detection and Isolation of Control Systems.- 18 Approximate Local Utility Design for Potential Game Approach to Cooperative Sensor Network Planning.- 19 Dynamic Sensor-Actor Interactions for Path-Planning in a Threat Field.- 20 Energy-Aware Dynamic Data-Driven Distributed Traffic Simulation for Energy and Emissions Reduction.- 21 A Dynamic Data-Driven Optimization Framework for Demand Side Management in Microgrids.- 22 Dynamic Data Driven Partitioning of Smart Grid Using Learning Methods.- 23 Design of a Dynamic Data-Driven System for Multispectral Video Processing.- 24 Light Field Image Compression.- 25 On Compression of Machine-derived Context Sets for Fusion of Multi-model Sensor Data.- 26 Simulation-based Optimization as a Service for Dynamic Data-driven Applications Systems.- 27 Privacy and Security Issues in DDDAS Systems.- 28 Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems (DDDAS) for Multimedia Content Analysis.- 29 Parzen Windows: Simplest Regularization Algorithm.- 30 Multiscale DDDAS Framework for Damage Prediction in Aerospace Composite Structures.- 31 A Dynamic Data-Driven Stochastic State-awareness Framework for the Next Generation of Bio-inspired Fly-by-feel Aerospace Vehicles.- DDDAS: The Way Forward.


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