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Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications ENUMATH 2017

Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications ENUMATH 2017
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Plenary lectures.- PDE Apps for Acoustic Ducts: A Parametrized Component-to-System Model-Order-Reduction Approach.- Sub-voxel perfusion modeling in terms of coupled 3d-1d problem.- Iterative linearisation schemes for doubly degenerate parabolic equations.- Mathematics and Medicine: How mathematics, modelling and simulations can lead to better diagnosis and treatments.- Kernel methods for large scale problems: algorithms and applications.- Convergence of Multilevel Stationary Gaussian Convolution.- Anisotropic weights for RBF-PU interpolation with subdomains of variable shapes.- Radial basis function approximation method for pricing of basket options under jump diffusion model.- Greedy Algorithms for Matrix-Valued Kernels.- GPU Optimization of Large-Scale Eigenvalue Solver.- Advanced discretization methods for computational wave propagation.- On the efficiency of the Peaceman-Rachford ADI-dG method for wave-type problems.- Trefftz - Discontinuous Galerkin Approach for Solving Elastodynamic Problem.- Unfitted finite element methods: analysis and applications.- FETI-DP preconditioners for the Virtual Element Method on general 2D.- Modeling flow and transport in fractured media by a hybrid finite volume-finite element method.- A cut-cell Hybrid High-Order method for elliptic problems with curved boundaries.- A cut finite element method with boundary value correction for the incompressible Stokes equations.- Numerical Integration on Hyperrectangles in Isoparametric Unfitted Finite Elements.- Advances in numerical linear algebra methods and applications to partial differential equations.- On a generalization of Neumann series of Bessel functions using Hessenberg matrices and matrix exponentials.- Influence of the SIPG penalisation on the numerical properties of linear systems for elastic wave propagation.- Function-based Algebraic Multigrid method for the 3D Poisson problem on structured meshes.- Numerical methods in biophysics.- Mathematical modelling of phenotypic selection within solid tumours.- Uncertainty assessment of a hybrid cell-continuum based model for wound contraction.- Structure preserving discretizations and high order finite elements for differential forms.- The discrete relations between fields and potentials with high order Whitney forms.- Model Order Reduction of an Elastic Body under Large Rigid Motion.- On surface area and length preserving flows of closed curves on a given surface.- Derivation of higher-order terms in FFT-based numerical homogenization.- Monge-Ampère solvers with applications to illumination optics.- A Least-Squares Method for a Monge-Ampère Equation with Non-Quadratic Cost Function Applied to Optical Design.- Solving inverse illumination problems with Liouville's equation.- Mixed and nonsmooth methods in numerical solid mechanics.- Strong vs. Weak Symmetry in Stress-Based Mixed Finite Element Methods for Linear Elasticity.- Evolution of load-bearing structures with phase field modeling.- An accelerated Newton method for nonlinear materials in structure mechanics and fluid mechanics.- A posteriori error estimation, adaptivity and approximation.- Best error localizations for piecewise polynomial approximation of gradients, functions and functionals.- Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for flow in porous media.- An adaptive E-scheme for conservation laws.- Adaptive Filtered Schemes for first order Hamilton-Jacobi equations.- Goal-oriented a posteriori error estimates in nearly incompressible linear elasticity.- Nitsche's method for the obstacle problem of clamped Kirchhoff plates.- Noncommutative stochastic differential equations: Analysis and simulation.- Stochastic B-series and order conditions for exponential integrators.- What is a post-Lie algebra and why is it useful in geometric integration.- On non-commutative stochastic exponentials.- Innovative numerical methods and their analysis for elliptic and partabolic PDEs.- An introduction to the gradient discretisation method.- Quasi-optimal nonconforming methods for second-order problems on domains with non-Lipschitz boundary.- Convergence of adaptive finite element methods with error-dominated oscillation.- Finite element methods for parabolic problems with time-dependent domains - application to a milling simulation.- Polyhedral methods and applications.- Numerical investigation of the conditioning for plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods.- The Virtual Element Method for the transport of passive scalars in Discrete Fracture Networks.- On the implementation of a multiscale Hybrid High-Order method.- VEM for the Reissner-Mindlin plate based on the MITC approach: the element of degree 2.- Recent advances in space-time Galerkin methods.- DGM for the solution of nonlinear dynamic elasticity.- Higher order space-time elements for a non-linear Biot model.- Iterative Coupling of Mixed and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Poroelasticity.- Stability of higher-order ALE-STDGM for nonlinear problems in time-dependent domains.- PDE Software Frameworks.- Implementation of mixed-dimensional models for fractured porous media.- Fast matrix-free evaluation of hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin operators.- Numerical methods for simulating processes in porous media.- Numerical Benchmarking for 3D Multiphase Flow: New Results for a Rising Bubble.- A linear domain decomposition method for two-phase flow in porous media.- A numerical method for an inverse problem arising in two-phase fluid flow transport through a homogeneous porous medium.- A fully-implicit, iterative scheme for the simulation of two-phase flow in porous media.- Mass lumping for MHFEM in two phase flow problems in porous media.- Uncertainty quantification in injection and soil characteristics for Biot's poroelasticity model.- Reactivation of Fractures in Subsurface Reservoirs - a Numerical Approach using a Static-Dynamic Friction Model.- Model reduction methods for simulation and (optimal) control.- POD-Based Economic Model Predictive Control for Heat-Convection Phenomena.- Real-Time Optimization of Thermal Ablation Cancer Treatments.- Parametric model reduction via interpolating orthonormal bases.- A Spectral Element Reduced Basis Method in Parametric CFD.- POD for optimal control of the Cahn-Hilliard system using spatially adapted snapshots.- Recent advances on polyhedral discretizations.- New strategies for the simulation of the flow in three dimensional porofractured media.- The Virtual Element Method on Anisotropic Polygonal Discretizations.- FEM meshes with guaranteed geometric properties.- On Zl\'amal minimum angle condition for the longest-edge $n$-section algorithm with $n \ge 4$.- Adaptive solution of a singularly-perturbed convection-diffusion problem using a stabilized mixed finite element method.- Spaces of simplicial shapes.- Simlicial vertex-normal dualty with applications to well-centered simplices.- Maximum angle condition for n-dimensional simplicial elements.- Discretizations and solvers for multi-physics problems.- An oscillation-free finite volume method for poroelasticity.- Numerical investigation on the fixed-stress splitting scheme for Biot's equations: Optimality of the tuning parameter.- Numerical simulation of biofilm formation in a microchannel.- Numerical Methods for Biomembranes based on PL Surfaces.- Heavy metals phytoremediation: First mathematical modelling results.- Urban heat island effect in metropolitan areas: An optimal control perspective.- Nitsche-based finite element method for contact with Coulomb friction.- Electrically Driven MHD Flow Between two Parallel Slipping and Partly Conducting Infinite Plates.- Two methods for the numerical modelling of the PM transport and deposition on the vegetation.- On a new mixed formulation of Kirchhoff plates on curvilinear polygonal domains.- Reduced order models for time-dependent problems.- POD-Based Multiobjective Optimal Control of Time-Variant Heat Phenomena.- Greedy kernel methods for accelerating implicit integrators for parametric ODEs.- Limiter techniques for flow problems.- Third-order Limiter Functions on Non-Equidistant Grids.- A Linearity Preserving Algebraic Flux Correction Scheme of Upwind Type Satisfying the Discrete Maximum Principle on Arbitrary Meshes.- New frontiers in domain decomposition methods: Optimal control, model reduction, and heterogeneous problems.- Optimized Schwarz methods for advection diffusion equations in bounded domains.- Optimal coarse spaces for FETI and their approximation.- Coupling MPC and HJB for the Computation of POD-based Feedback Laws.- Adaptive multiple shooting for nonlinear boundary value problems.- Error analysis for finite element methods for PDEs.- Exponential scaling and the time growth of the error of DG for advectionreaction problems.- Maximum norm estimates for energy-corrected finite element method.- Digital Operators, Discrete Equations and Error Estimates.- A simple boundary approximation for the non-symmetric coupling of the Finite Element Method and the Boundary Element Method for parabolicelliptic interface problems.- Fluid dynamics.- Galerkin projection and numerical integration for a stochastic investigation of the viscous Burgers' equation: An initial attempt.- Nonlinear flux approximation scheme for Burgers' equation derived from a local BVP.- A Spectral Solenoidal-Galerkin Method for Flow Past a Circular Cylinder.- Conservative Mimetic Cut-cell Method for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations.- Author Index.


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Autor: Florin Adrian Radu, Inga Berre, Iuliu Sorin Pop, Jan Martin Nordbotten, Kundan Kumar


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