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Dynamical Systems in Theoretical Perspective: Lódz, Poland December 11 -14, 2017

Dynamical Systems in Theoretical Perspective: Lódz, Poland December 11 -14, 2017
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Argáez, C., Giesl, P. and Hafstein, S. F: Computational Approach for Complete Lyapunov Functions.- Auciello, N. M., Rosa, M. A. D., Lippiello, M. and Tomasiello, S: Non-conservative Instability of Cantilevered Nanotube via Cell Discretization Method.- Beldowski, Piotr., Weber, P., Leon, T. D., Auge II, W. K. and Gadomski, A: Fractional Calculus Evaluation of Hyaluronic Acid Crosslinking in a Nanoscopic Part of Articular Cartilage Model System.- Bis, A. and Namiecinska, A: Topological and Measure-theoretical Entropies of a Solenoid.- Bjornsson, H. and Hafstein, S. F: Lyapunov Functions for Almost Sure Exponential Stability.- Borkowski, L: Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Stability of an Isotropic Plate by Applying Tools Used in Dynamics.- Byrtus, M. and Dyk, S: Jeffcott Rotor Bifurcation Behaviour Using Different Models of Hydrodynamic Bearings.- Carvalho, A. and Pinto, C. M. A: The Burden of the Coinfection of HIV and TB in the Presence of Multi-drug Resistant Strains.- Ciechanowicz, E. and Filipuk, G: Value Distribution and Growth of Solutions of Certain Painlevé Equations.- Danik, Y., Dmitriev, M., Makarov, D. and Zarodnyuk, T: Numerical-analytical Algorithms for Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems on a Large Time Interval.- Demiyanushko, I., Vakhromeev, A., Loginov, E. and Mironova, V: The Dynamic Behavior of the Vehicle Wheels under Impact Loads - FEM and Experimental Researches.- Luz Junior, J. A. G., Tusset, A. M., Janzen, F. C., Rocha, R. T., Balthazar, J. M. and Nabarrete, A: Optimal Control for Robot Manipulators with Three-Degress-of-Freedom.- Jackiewicz, J: Optimal Control of Automotive Multivariable Dynamical Systems.- Jackowska-Zduniak, B. and Forys, U: Mathematical Model of Two Types of Atrioventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia: Slow/fast and Slow/slow.- Klimina, L., Shalimova, E., Dosaev, M., Lokshin, B. and Samsonov, V: Two-frequency Averaging in the Problem of Motion of a Counter-rotating Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.- Knap, L., Maczak, J. and Trojgo, M: Process-oriented Approach to the Design of Cyber-physical Systems.- Koruba, Z., Gapinski, D. and Szmidt, P: An Inverse Dynamics Analysis of the Remote Controlled Artillery-missile system Under the Influence of Disturbances.- Kozánek, J., Chládek, S., Zapomel, J. and Svamberová, L: Approximate Identification of Dynamical Systems.- Makowski, M: Algorithm for Damping Control in Vehicle Suspension Equipped with Magneto-rheological Dampers.- Oprocha, P: Shadowing, Entropy and Minimal Sets.- Ozga, A: Analysis of Vibrations of an Oscillator Using Statistical Series.- Pawlak, R. J. and Korczak-Kubiak, E: On Local Aspects of Entropy.- Pytlak, R., Suski, D. and Tarnawski, T: Optimal Control of Hybrid Systems with Sliding Modes.- Rysak, A., Gregorczyk, M., Chwelatiuk, K. and Gaska, D: Study of the High-amplitude Solutions in the System of Magnetic Sliding Oscillator with Many Degrees of Freedom.- Scharff, M., Darnieder, M., Steigenberger, J., Alencastre, J. H. and Behn, C: Theoretical Investigations on the Behavior of Artificial Sensors for Surface Texture Detection.- Sumi, S., Schorr, P., Bohm, V. and Zimmermann, K: Dynamic Analysis of a Compliant Tensegrity Structure for the Use in a Gripper Application.- Szmit, Z., Warminski, J. and Latalski, J: Synchronisation Analysis of a De-tuned Three-bladed Rotor.- Szulim, P. and Radkowski, S: The Analytical Approach for Identification of Magnetically Induced Vibrations of Working in Faulty State BLDC Motor.- Tomczyk, B. and Szczerba, P: Micro-Dynamics of Thin Tolerance-Periodic Cylindrical Shells.- Wojnar, R. and Bielski, W: Gravity Waves in a Reservoir with Uneven Bottom: Asymptotic Approach.- Wolinski, L: Implementation of the Adaptive Control Algorithm for the KUKA LWR 4+ Robot.- Zakes, F. and Sniady, P: Vibrations of a Multi-span Beam Subjected to a Moving Stochastic Load.


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