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Recent Advances in PDEs: Analysis, Numerics and Control: In Honor of Prof. Fernández-Cara's 60th Bir

Recent Advances in PDEs: Analysis, Numerics and Control: In Honor of Prof. Fernández-Cara's 60th Bir
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1 F. Ammar Khodja and C. Dupaix, Essential spectrum and null controllability of some parabolic equations.- 2 F. D. Araruna. F. O. Matias, M. L. Oliveira, and S. M. S. Souza, Well-posedness and asymptotic behavior for a nonlinear wave equation.- 3 M. Benítez, A. Bermúdez and P. Fontán, A second-order linear Newmark method for Lagrangian Navier-Stokes equations.- 4 D. Bresch, M. Colin, X. Lin, and P. Noble, Lubrication Theory and Viscous Shallow-Water Equations.- 5 E. Casas, The Influence of the Tikhonov Term in Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations.- 6 R. Codina, On the design of algebraic fractional step methods for viscoelastic incompressible ows.- 7 V. Hernández-Santamaría and L. de Teresa, Some remarks on the hierarchic control for coupled parabolic PDEs.- 8 D. Nina Huaman, J. Límaco, and Miguel R. Nuñez Chávez, Local null controllability of the N-dimensional Ladyzhenskaya-Smagorinsky with N-1 scalar controls.- 9 A. Münch, Numerical estimations of the cost of boundary controls for the equation yt - yxx + Myx = 0 with respect to .- 10 F. J. Marín, J. Martínez-Frutos, and F. Periago, Control of Random PDEs: an Overview.- 11 A. Coronel, F. Guillén-González, F. Marques, and M. Rojas-Medar, The Dubovitskii and Milyutin formalism applied to an optimal control problem in a solidification model.- 12 U. Biccari, M. Warma, and E. Zuazua, Local regularity for fractional heat equations. 



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