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Families in the Intensive Care Unit: A Guide to Understanding, Engaging, and Supporting at the Bedsi

Families in the Intensive Care Unit: A Guide to Understanding, Engaging, and Supporting at the Bedsi
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Chapter 1 An Introduction and Overview of Why Families Matter in the Intensive Care Unit Giora Netzer
Chapter 2 Family Voices from the Intensive Care Unit Eileen Rubin, Sal Colianni
Chapter 3 Cognitive Barriers to Effective Surrogate Decision Making Joanna L. Hart, Scott D. Halpern
Chapter 4 Emotional Processing/Psychological Morbidity in the ICU Ramona O. Hopkins
Chapter 5 Family Psychological Morbidity after the Intensive Care Unit Kristina Stepanovic, Julie Van, James C. Jackson
Chapter 6 Sleep and Sleep Deprivation Among Families in the ICU Stuti J. Jaiswal, Robert L. Owens
Chapter 7 Taking the Lead: Changing the Experience of Family ICU Syndrome by Changing the Organization of Care Donald L. Zimmerman
Chapter 8 Unique Challenges for Family Members of Patients with Acute and Chronic Critical Illness - The Older Caregiver Nicole Roeder, Margaret A. Pisani
Chapter 9 Family Support and ICU Survivorship: Lessons Learned from the Pediatric Critical Care Experience Bree Andrews, Nilu Rahman, Neethi Pinto
Chapter 10 Life After the ICU: Post-Intensive Care Syndrome in Family Members Jason H. Maley, Julie Rogan, Mark E. Mikkelsen
Chapter 11 Humanizing Intensive Care: Questions, Balance, and Tragic Tradeoffs Samuel M. Brown, Michael E. Wilson, Chris Benda, Negin Hajizadeh, Ramona O. Hopkins
Chapter 12 Intensive Care Unit Conflicts and the Family O. Joseph Bienvenu
Chapter 13 Identifying, Analyzing, & Combating Family Intensive Care Unit Syndrome in Long Term Acute Care Hospitals Arunmozhi Aravagiri, Waqas Bhatti, Jetina Okereke, Avelino C. Verceles
Chapter 14 Personalized Interventions to Support Families in the Intensive Care Unit Christopher E. Cox
Chapter 15 Family-Centered Care Interventions to Minimize Family Intensive Care Unit Syndrome and Post-Intensive Care Syndrome-Family Judy Elisa Davidson, Janet Marty Mendis, Truong-Giang Huynh, Samantha Gambles Farr, Suzette Jernigan, Steffanie A. Strathdee, Thomas Patterson
Chapter 16 Strategies to Facilitate Communication with Families in the ICU Andre Carlos Kajdacsy-Balla Amaral
Chapter 17 End-of-Life Care Jennifer L. McAdam Chapter 18 The Integrative Approach to Supporting Families in the ICU Delia Chiaramonte
Chapter 19 The Role of Ethics Consultation In Enhancing Family-Centered Care Henry J. Silverman
Chapter 20 Family Role in Patient Safety in the Intensive Care Unit Doran Bostwick, Sarah J Beesley
Chapter 21 Family and Patient Spiritual Narratives in the ICU: Bridging Discourses Through Compassion Simon Lasair, Shane Sinclair
Chapter 22 The Role of the Pharmacist in Family Engagement in the Intensive Care Unit and During Transitions of Care Joanna L. Stollings
Chapter 23 Respiratory Therapy and Family Engagement in the Intensive Care Unit Deborah Linehan, Giora Netzer
Chapter 24 The Role of the ICU Social Worker in Supporting Families John G. Cagle, Morgan Bunting
Chapter 25 Rehabilitation Kimberley Haines
Chapter 26 Training Providers in Family Centered Care Erin K. Kross, Catherine L. Hough
Chapter 27 Child Life in the Adult ICU: Including the Youngest Members of the Family Jaime E. Bruce, Kathleen McCue
Chapter 28 How to Study the Family ICU Syndrome: A Basic Approach to Research Methodology Christiane S. Hartog


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