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Global Health Leadership: Case Studies From the Asia-Pacific

Global Health Leadership: Case Studies From the Asia-Pacific
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SAMPLE TABLE OF CONTENTS: (These are tentative and based on previous abstract submissions by APRU members to annual conferences, guest lecturers, etc. But they are all based on members of the APRU network. The format of each chapter is the same; each chapter includes a section that specifically examines the aspects of leadership that the case study helps illustrate. Each chapter includes 4-5 questions at the end that could be used to facilitate discussion or for exam questions. There also is recommended additional readings on each topic at the end of the chapter.)
Chapter 1: Australia's plain package policy for tobacco control
Authors: Judith McCool, University of Auckland
Chapter 2: Mexico's leadership in reducing the burden of NCDs Authors: Mauricio Hernandez-Avila, Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Mexico
Chapter 3: Corporate wellness programs: promoting a healthy workforce Authors: Heather Wipfli and Shubha Kumar, University of Southern California
Chapter 4: Governance in noncommunicable diseases control in China Authors: Wanghong Xu, Fudan University
Chapter 5: Health promotion in the ASEAN Community: Examples of global health diplomacy Authors: Gianna Gayle Amul and Kai Hong Phua, National University of Singapore
Chapter 6: Institutional delivery in Indonesia: A case study of the Revolusi KIA Program Authors: Rachmalina Prasodjo, National Institute of Health Research and Development, Ministry of Health, Indonesia
Chapter 7: Breastfeeding Promotion: The Alive and Thrive Campaign in Vietnam Authors: Family Health International 360, Vietnam
Chapter 8: Strengthening the engagement of provinces in health workforce planning and management: a case study from Lao PDR Authors: Khampasong Thappanya, Department of Health Personnel, Ministry of Health, Vientiane, Lao PDR
Chapter 9: Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines Authors: TBD
Chapter 10: The role of Human Rights Law in Promotion of LGBTQ Health Authors: Sofia Gruskin, University of Southern California, with the WHO
Chapter 11: Thailand's Successful HIV Prevention Authors: Kiat Ruxrungtham, Chulalongkorn University
Chapter 12: Social entrepreneurship Authors: TBD
Chapter 13: Organ Transplantation: Considering the Ethics Authors: Leonardo de Castro, University of the Philippines
Chapter 14: Controlling new outbreaks: a case study from Taiwan Authors: Chang-Chuan Chan, National Taiwan University
Chapter 15: The Asian Development Bank: A Case Study in Global Health Leadership Authors: Soonman Kwon, Asian Development Bank
The editor and authors intend to promote this book to their own membership of 45 universities. They also plan to use this book in the distance education course that they will offer for the network every fall.


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