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Prevention of Chronic Diseases and Age-Related Disability

Prevention of Chronic Diseases and Age-Related Disability
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Fighting for an healthier greying world: acting on the determinants of the life course process.- Healthy ageing: historical perspectives.- The 2016 WHO concept of "healthy ageing": a silent revolution.- The updated and future trends of healthy life expectancy.- Malnutrition: unrecognized and untreated Sarcopenia: its reversible was demonstrated.- Frailty is not a fatality.- Cardio-neuro & reno vascular consequences of ageing may be challenged.- The new ways of preventing and treating diabetes mellitus.- Updated technology and early detection of cancers: breast, colon, & prostate.- Mastering osteoporosis.- Remaining debates on osteoarthrosis prevention.- Postponing cognition decline.- Protecting vision, hearing and balance?.- Fall prevention.- Life course immunization program.- From age-friendly community to age-friendly care.- Persisting gender & social inequities.- Optimizing the psychological and socio-economic consequences of ageing.- Healthy ageing and long term care.- Dignified end of life.- Conclusion: Favouring your healthy ageing trajectory.


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