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The Massachusetts General Hospital Guide to Depression: New Treatment Insights and Options

The Massachusetts General Hospital Guide to Depression: New Treatment Insights and Options
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Foreword-MGH Guide to Depression

Jerrold Rosenbaum


Foreword-Introduction and Historical Perspective

Maurizio Fava


Preface - Benjamin G. Shapero, David Mischoulon, Cristina Cusin


Part 1 Severe and Comorbid Conditions


Chapter 1

Treatment-Resistant Depression

Cristina Cusin and Stefan Peyda


Chapter 2

Co-Occurring MDD and Problematic Alcohol Use

Paola Pedrelli and Kate H. Bentley



Part 2 Special Population Considerations


Chapter 3

Depression and Chronic Medical Illness: New Treatment Approaches

Trina E. Chang and Sean D. Boyden


Chapter 4

Culture and Depression: Clinical Considerations for Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Nhi-Ha Trinh and Taquesha Dean


Chapter 5

Early Onset of Depression During Childhood and Adolescence

Benjamin G. Shapero and Erica Mazzone


Chapter 6

Cross-Cultural Approaches to Mental Health Challenges Among Students

Xiaoqiao Zhang, Tat Shing Yeung, Yi Yang, Rohit M. Chandra, Cindy H. Liu, Dana Wang, Sukhmani K. Bal, Yun Zhu, Rebecca Nika W. Tsai, Zhenyu Zhang, Lusha Liu and Justin A. Chen


Chapter 7

Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury

Lauren B. Fisher, Garrett Thomas, Ryan A. Mace, and Ross Zafonte



Part 3 Medication Approaches


Chapter 8

Personalized Medicine

Simmie L. Foster, Samuel R. Petrie, David Mischoulon, and Maurizio Fava


Chapter 9

Depression, Antidepressants, and Sexual Functioning

Christina M. Dording and Sean D. Boyden


Chapter 10

Ketamine as a Rapid Antidepressant

Cristina Cusin


Chapter 11

Neuroactive Steroids and Depression

Karen K. Miller



Part 4 Psychotherapy Approaches


Chapter 12

Unified Protocol for Treatment of Depression

Kate H. Bentley, Laren R. Conklin, James F. Boswell, Benjamin G. Shapero, and Olenka S. Olesnycky


Chapter 13

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Benjamin G. Shapero, Jonathan Greenberg, Paola Pedrelli, Gaelle Desbordes, and Sara W. Lazar


Chapter 14

The Role of Technology in the Treatment of Depression

Paola Pedrelli, Kate H. Bentley, Esther Howe, and Benjamin G. Shapero



Part 5 Alternative Treatment Approaches


Chapter 15

Supplements and Natural Remedies for Depression

David Mischoulon and Nadia Iovieno


Chapter 16

The Effects of Tai Chi and Qigong on Anxiety and Depression

Albert Yeung, Benjamin Campbell, and Jessie S. M. Chan


Chapter 17

Yoga as a Treatment for Depression

Maren Nyer, Regina Roberg, Maya Nauphal, and Chris Streeter


Chapter 18


Marco Antonio Caldieraro and Paolo Cassano


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