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Coherent Breathing: Aligning Breath and Heart

Coherent Breathing: Aligning Breath and Heart
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How to achieve more relaxation and equanimity?
How to care for conserving our health?
This book explains the way to breath-heart-coherence: With coherent breathing, we balance our autonomic nervous system and improve our heart rate variability.
You find everything you need for understanding the method and using it for yourself. It is recommended for anyone interested in one's health and well-being and for all who support others in helping and therapeutic professions.
With coherent breathing, you can harmonize your autonomic nervous system and attune heart rate and blood circulation. This method not only helps to release stress and to easily regain calmness, but also strengthens your resilience to strain. On the physiological level, it supports the heart in managing blood circulation. Thus it is helpful with irregularities and problems of the heart and the blood circulation. Many people suffer from high blood pressure, and this can be corrected by practicing coherent breathing.


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Autor: Wilfried Ehrmann


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