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Upgrading Physics Education to Meet the Needs of Society

Upgrading Physics Education to Meet the Needs of Society
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Dialogic Development of Children's Ideas using Computation in the Classroom: keeping it simple, Ian Lawrence.- Technology in Teaching Physics: Benefits, Challenges, and solutions, Ton Ellermeijer, Trinh-Ba Tran.- Sharing LHC Research and Discovery with High School Students, Marcia Begalli, Uta Bilow.- A Mathematical Model of Peer Instruction and its Applications, Hideo Nitta.- Research-based Alternatives to Traditional Physics Teaching at University and College, Jenaro Guisasola.- Organizing Teaching to Solve Problems: the Case of Latitude and Longitude in Pre-Service Primary Teachers' Education, Limiñana, R., Menargues, A., Rosa, S..- A Reflection on Research-Based Alternatives of Physics Teaching on Educational Activity System, Cristiano Mattos.- The Design of Activities based on Cognitive Scaffolding to Teach Physics, Genaro Zavala.- Examining the Relationships Among North Dakota State University.- Innovation in Physics Teaching/learning for the Formative Success in Introductory Physics for bio-area Degrees: the Case of Fluids, Marisa Michelini, Alberto Stefanel.- Conceptual Development and Critical Attitude in Physics Education: A Pathway in the Search for Coherence, Laurence Viennot.- Indigenous and Afro Knowledge in Science Education: Dialogues and Conflicts, Antonia Candela & Johanna Rey.- Race, Gender, and Sexual Minorities in Physics: Hashtag Activism in Brazil, Katemari Rosa.- Diversity, Human Rights and Physics Education - Theoretical Perspectives and Critical Awareness, Tanja Tajmel.


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