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The Role of Laboratory Work in Improving Physics Teaching and Learning

The Role of Laboratory Work in Improving Physics Teaching and Learning
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Introduction.- Part 1 Background Aspects.- Empowering the Engines of Knowing and Creativity: Learning from Experiments.- Labs in Building a Modern Physics Way of Thinking.- The Impact and Promise of Open-Source Computational Material for Physics Teaching.- Research Validated Distance Learning Labs for Introductory Physics Using IOLab.- The Value of Solving Experimental Problems in Groups.- Formative Assessment in Physics Teaching and Learning.- Part 2 Experimental Lab.- Integrating NOS in Lab Work.- Open Inquiry Experiments in Physics Laboratory Courses.- Educational Lab on Optical Diffraction to Bridge from Classical to Modern Physics.- Advanced Lab Experiments: Linking Undergraduate Labs and Research.- Part 3 Lab work and Multimedia.- Computer modelling in Physics Teaching.- Preparing Preservice Science Teachers to Develop Inquiry Based Activities.- The Role of Information in Inquiry-Based Learning in a Remote Lab on Optical Spectrometry.- Web-Based Interactive Video Activities for Undergraduate Advanced Laboratories.- Smartphones as Measuring Instruments in the Physics Classroom - What Do Students Think?.- Part 4 Concepts and Lab.- Addressing Some Common Difficulties in Teaching and Learning Energy in High School.- Teaching - Learning Sequences Using Low-Cost Experiments Aimed at Understanding of Concepts of Electricity.- Part 5 Assessment for Learning Through Experimentation.- Inquiry Based Learning of Contemporary Physics Topics and Gifted Students.- The Development and Pilot Testing of the Measurement Tool of Skills Level Development in the Lower Secondary Physics Classroom.- Assessing Student's Conceptual Understanding in a Laboratory on the Measurement of the Planck Constant.- Part 6 Low-cost Experiments and Inquiry.- Effectiveness of learning through inquiry.- A Non-Classical Acoustics Teaching Lab Supported by BYOD and Inquiry-Based Learning.- Quantitative measurements of RGB and CMYK colours with a homemade spectrophotometer.


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