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Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy: A History of Visual Observing from Harriot to Moore

Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy: A History of Visual Observing from Harriot to Moore
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Acknowledgements.- Preface.- Chapter 1: Thomas Harriot, England's First Telescopist.- Chapter 2: The Legacy of Galileo.- Chapter 3: The Checkered Career of Simon Marius.- Chapter 4: The Era of Long Telescopes.- Chapter 5: Workers of Speculum.- Chapter 6: Charles Messier, the Ferret of Comets.- Chapter 7: Thomas Jefferson and His Telescopic Forays.-Chapter 8: The Herschel Legacy.- Chapter 9: Thinking Big - The Pioneers of Parsonstown.- Chapter 10: The Astronomical Adventures of William Lassell.- Chapter 11: Friedrich W. Bessel: The Man Who Dared to Measure.- Chapter 12: W. H. Smyth: The Admirable Admiral.- Chapter 13: The Stellar Contributions of Wilhelm von Struve.- Chapter 14: The Eagle-Eyed Reverend William Rutter Dawes.- Chapter 15: The Telescopes of the Reverend Thomas William Webb.- Chapter 16: The Astronomical Adventures of Artistic Nathaniel Everett Green.- Chapter 17: Edward Emerson Barnard, the Early Years.- Chapter 18: William F. Denning, a Biographical Sketch.- Chapter 19: A Modern Commentary on W. F. Denning's Telescopic Work for Starlight Evenings (1891).- Chapter 20: The Astronomical Legacy of Asaph Hall.- Chapter 21: The Life and Work of Charles Grover (1842-1921).- Chapter 22: Angelo Secchi, Father of Modern Astrophysics.- Chapter 23: John Birmingham, T. H. E. C Espin and the Search for Red Stars.- Chapter 24: A Historic Clark Telescope Receives a New Lease on Life.- Chapter 25: A Short Commentary on Percival Lowell's "Mars as the Abode of Life".- Chapter 26: The Great Meudon Refractor.- Chapter 27: A Short Commentary on R.G Aitken's The Binary Stars.- Chapter 28: S. W. Burnham - A Life Behind the Eyepiece.- Chapter 29: Voyage to the Planets: The Astronomical Forays of Arthur Stanley Williams (1861-1938).- Chapter 30: Explorer of the Planets: The Contributions of the Reverend T. E. R. Philips.- Chapter 31: Highlights from the Life of Leslie C. Peltier.- Chapter 32: Clyde W. Tombaugh; Discoverer of Pluto.- Chapter 33: A Short Commentary on Walter Scott Houston's "Deep Sky Wonders".- Chapter 34: A Short Commentary on David H. Levy's The Quest for Comets.- Chapter 35: George Alcock and the Historic Ross Refractor.- Chapter 36: Whatever Happened to Robert Burnham Junior?.- Chapter 37: The Impact of Mount Wilson's 60-inch Reflector.- Chapter 38: Seeing Saturnian Spots Chapter 39: John Dobson and His Revolution.- Chapter 40: The Telescopes of Sir Patrick Moore (1923-2012).- Chapter 41: A Gift of a Telescope: The Japan 400 Project.- Appendix: Achievements of the Classical Refractor - A Timeline.- Index.


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