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Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1: Proceedings of the 2018 Annual Conference on Experimental a

Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1: Proceedings of the 2018 Annual Conference on Experimental a
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Chapter 1.Error Analysis for Shock Equation of State Measurements in Polymers using Manganin Gauges.- Chapter 2.Ballistic Impact Experiments and Quantitative Assessments of Mesoscale Damage Modes in a Single-layer Woven Composite.- Chapter 3.A Novel Approach for Plate Impact Experiments to Obtain Properties of Materials under Extreme Conditions.- Chapter 4.Effect of the Ratio of Charge Mass to Target Mass on Measured Impulse.- Chapter 5.Fracture and Failure Characterization of Transparent Acrylic based graft Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (graft-IPNs).- Chapter 6.Dynamic Crack Branching in Soda-lime Glass: An Optical Investigation using Digital Gradient Sensing.- Chapter 7.A Hybrid Experimental-Numerical Study of Crack Initiation and Growth in Transparent Bilayers Across a Weak Interface.- Chapter 8.Inelastic Behavior of Tungsten-Carbide in Pressure-Shear Shock Experiments beyond 20 GPa.- Chapter 9.Mechanical Response and Damage Evolution of High-Strength Concrete under Triaxial Loading.- Chapter 10.Heterodyne Diffracted Beam Photonic Doppler Velocimeter (DPDV) for Pressure-Shear Shock Experiments.- Chapter 11.An Optimization Based Approach to Design a Complex Loading Pattern Using a Modified Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar.- Chapter 12.Development of "Dropkinson" Bar for Intermediate Strain-rate Testing.- Chapter 13.Radial Inertia Effect on Dynamic Compressive Response of Polymeric Foam Materials.- Chapter 14.Keynote: Examining Material Response using X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging (40-min).- Chapter 15.Historical Note: Machining, Strain Gages, and a Pulse-heated Kolsky Bar.- Chapter 16.Improved Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Experiments for Very-High-Rate Strength & Application to Tantalum.- Chapter 17.Mechanical Characterization and Numerical Material Modeling of Polyurea.- Chapter 18.Full-Scale Testing and Numerical Modeling of Adhesively Bonded Hot Stamped Ultra-High Strength Steel Hat Sections.- Chapter 19.Mechanical Characterization of ZrO2 Rich Glass Ceramic.- Chapter 20.Microstructure Characterization of Electrodeposited Nickel Tested at High Strain Rates.- chapter 21.The Flow Stress of AM IN 625 Under Conditions of High Strain and Strain Rate.- Chapter 22.Proton Radiography of Reverse Ballistic Impacts.- Chapter 23.The Effect of ECAE on the Ballistic Response of AZ31.- Chapter 24.Development of an Interferometer and Schlieren-based Measurement Technique for Resolving Cavitation Pressure Fields.- Chapter 25.Quasi-static and Dynamic Poisson's Ratio Evolution of Hyperelastic Foams.- Chapter 26.Revisit of Dynamic Brazilian Tests of Geomaterials.- Chapter 27.Interface Chemistry Dependent Mechanical Properties in Energetic Material using Nano-scale Impact Experiment.- Chapter 28.Optimization of an Image-based Experimental Setup for the Dynamic Behaviour Characterization of Materials.- chapter 29.High Strain Rate Response of Adhesively Bonded Fiber-Reinforced Composite Joints - A Computational Study to Guide Experimental Design.- Chapter 30.Pressure-Shear Plate Impact Experiments on Soda-Lime Glass at Pressures Beyond 20 GPa.- Chapter 31.Dynamic Mechanical Response of T800/F3900 Composite under Tensile and Compressive Loading.- Chapter 32.Experimental Investigation of Rate Sensitive Mechanical Response of Polyurea.- Chapter 33.Experimental Study on Dynamic Fracture Response of Al6063-T6 under High Rates of Loading.- Chapter 34.Ballistic and Material Tests and Simulations on Ultra-High Performance Concrete.- Chapter 35.Mechanical Behavior of Ta at Extreme Strain-rates.- Chapter 36.Constitutive Modeling of Polyamide Split Hopkinson Pressure Bars for the Design of a Pre-stretched Apparatus.- Chapter 37.Investigating the Mechanical and Thermal Relationship for Epoxy Blends.- Chapter 38.A Novel Auxetic Structure with Enhanced Impact Performances by Means Of Periodic Tessellation with Variable Poisson's Ratio.- Chapter 39.On the Response of Polymer Bonded Explosives at Different Impact Velocities.- Chapter 40.Meso-scale Dynamic Beha


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