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Physics of Quantum Rings

Physics of Quantum Rings
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               Part I. Topology-driven effects

1.            Quantum ring: a unique playground for the quantum-mechanical paradigm

V. M. Fomin

2.            Optical Berry phase in micro/nano-rings

L. B. Ma, V. M. Fomin and O. G. Schmidt

3.            From dot to ring:  tunable exciton topology on type II InAs/GaAsSb quantum nanostructures

J. M. Llorens, V. Lopes-Oliveira, V. López-Richard, J. M. Ulloa and B. Alén

               PartI II. Fabrication and characterization

4.            Self-organized quantum rings: physical characterization and theoretical modeling

V. M. Fomin, V. N. Gladilin, M. Flatté, J. van Bree, J. T. Devreese, and P. M. Koenraad

5.            Scanning-probe electronic imaging of lithographically patterned quantum rings

F. R. Martins, D. Cabosart, H. Sellier, M. G. Pala, B. Hackens, V. Bayot and S. Huant

6.            Functionalization of droplet etching for quantum rings

C. Heyn, M. Zocher and W. Hansen

7.            Fabrication of ordered quantum rings by molecular beam epitaxy

J. Wu and Z. M. Wang

8.            Self-assembled semiconductor quantum rings complexes by droplet epitaxy:  growth and physical properties

S. Sanguinetti, T. Mano and  T. Kuroda

               Part III. Optical Aharonov-Bohm effect 

9.            Optical Aharonov-Bohm oscillations of an exciton and a biexciton in a quantum ring

K. Kyhm, H. D. Kim, R. Okuyama, M. Eto, R. A. Taylor, G. Nogues, L. S. Dang, A. A. L. Nicholet, M. Potemski, J. S. Kim, and J. D. Song

10.         Aharonov-Bohm effect for neutral excitons in quantum rings

M. D. Teodoro, V. L. Campo, Jr., V. Lopez-Richard, E. Marega, Jr., G. E. Marques and G. J. Salamo

               Part IV. Theory

11.         Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of quantum rings of novel materials

T. Chakraborty, A. Manaselyan and M. Barseghyan

12.         Spin interference effects in Rashba rings

C. Ortix

13.         Quantum Rings in Electromagnetic Fields

A.M. Alexeev and M.E. Portnoi,

14.         Intense THz radiation effect on electronic and intraband optical properties of semiconductor quantum rings

H. M. Baghramyan, M.G. Barseghyan, A.A. Kirakosyan and D. Laroze

15.         Electron-phonon interaction in ring-like nanostructures

C. Trallero-Giner, Darío G. Santiago-Pérez, Leonor Chico and R. Pérez-Álvarez

16.         Differential geometry applied to rings and Möbius nanostructures

B. Lassen, M. Willatzen and J. Gravesen

17.         Band mixing effects in InAs/GaAs quantum rings and in the ring-like behaving MoS2 quantum dots

C. Segarra, J. Planelles and J. I. Climente

18.         Circular n-p nanojunctions in graphene nanoribbons

A. Mrenca-Kolasinska and B. Szafran


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